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    Looks like I'm the first to say Happy birthday! :D
    Have a great birthday filled with awesomeness! ^^
    lol yeah, b-day in April too. Thanks btw :) .....where's my present? lol jk
    heyyy! I havent been on in forever! So whats up??
    im very addicted to adam lambert right now
    Oh, it's from that?

    No, I haven't seen it... I've been interested for a while though. I've heard a lot of good quotes from it. :xd:
    I am not scaring anyone.. Shellshocker just said that my Illyria desktop is scary-.-

    wassup hottie?
    I'm surprised I haven't seen it till now, but I gave your Christianity Clarification thread a look. It's quite good! Being Christian myself, I appreciate apologists who are honest about their faith and who clarify common misconceptions.

    I don't agree with all of your ideas (I'm not sure about the Mormons and I'm fine with the Catholics), and I haven't had time to peruse much of the thread. But what you wrote is still awesome. I'll be posting when I have a chance. Anyway, I don't know you well but given some of your posts that I've read, you're pretty cool!

    God bless.
    Yes, I am. I prefer not to be so blatant about it- it seems to help out with these debates. Personally, I have watched many debates on subjects such as faith, and have made by decision by the arguments that have been posed.

    I try to look at everything from a neutral standpoint- something that doesn't happen often enough these days. Apparently i did a good job, since you were unable to tell. ;)
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