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  • There's nothing going on, except that I've been puking blood every day and doctor's say that it is nothing
    Sorry about yesterday. My Dad wouldn't let me on because he thinks I'm ruining the computer.
    Wow. I so missed your b-day. I feel really bad. Happy belated birthday! :)

    (better late than never, right?)
    happy birthday!!... I know it was yesterday... sorry >.< ...still..have a great day!!
    Glad to hear! I've been pretty good. Been really busy with school, work, etc, through. Just been taking a short break from online. I'm actually still on vaccation, although I now have computer access.
    lol it's fine.:) Thanks! I've only had it since the beginningof the mionth. So how have you been?
    Hey, Happy Birthday Stella. Have a nice day, and don't kill Santa D=.

    I suppose you could chase the Easter Rabbit around with a knife or something though, if you must :xd:
    Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag, Stella :D

    And I give you a much more fun present
    It's a Dutch birthday song

    Time to sing and something to drink :P

    EDIT: it's apple lemonade in a beer bottle ;)
    Happy birthday!
    You get a L and its stealing your cake!
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