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  • Yeah? How come? Did you leave for a specific reason or something?

    Cool! ^^ I'm fine. Bad things here and there, but nothing too extreme I suppose. Kinda became lazy for a week or so, and have just a day or two ago come out of it. Oh, and I recently booted up my NES to play all those old games I never beat, and was disgruntled to discover they're still really hard. :xd:
    Well, I will confess, I'm not THAT interested in Zelda. It might not be easy going to a new church, but gaining new friends doesn't mean losing old friends. In fact, the old friends usually want you to have new friends, when they can't see you much.
    Oh, okay.
    Yeah, I come here every now and then. I still like to read up on the latest Zelda news, and this seems to be the best place to do it!
    Hey, Stella, I was just really curious the other day because I saw how nicely your avatar and signature pictures matched up. Did you do the artwork yourself?
    Stella I decided to visit this ol' place. It is like going through an antique place and saying that used to be mine. In a good way of course :p.
    Hey, I agree with Skull_kid....death note is the best manga ever!!!
    I'm not that much into manga, but I can suggest the Zelda mangas, wich you can find in the main site's album, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Full Metal Alchemist, One Piece, bleach and Death Note.
    Ruruoni Kenshi as well..

    We are awesome friends, I believe:)
    Well that sounds pretty good. I've been slacking hard on college since I've been in it, so I'm gonna take these summer classes to try and catch up a bit.
    Things are kinda boring right now actually. About to start summer college here in a few weeks so I'd say I'll have my hands full then. What about you?
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