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  • You won't see it by looking at the posts themselves. Click "Settings" in the upper right of the board. It will show you notifications for Friend Requests, PMs and Visitor Messages (if you have any of all that, of course). Underneath that stuff it'll show all the modifications to your rep. You can follow a link to see the post that was repped or negative repped, and you can read the person's reason, if they gave any. ;)
    It doesn't necessarily mean the post was bad, just of low quality. Bad spelling or grammer, hard to understand, etc..

    Primary purpose of the rep system, actually. We put it in so people would have incentive to make good posts, so the overall quality of the board would improve. If you click Settings in the upper right of the board, you can view the comments for all the rep you've got. Most people put their reason or whatever. In most cases people will say what's wrong with the post, or what they didn't like about it at least. If they get rude or flame, you can mention it to Mases. ;)
    That means you have negative Reputation. Reputation is something other members can either give or take away from you by a certain amount of points. When your rep is in the negative, under 0, it gives you a red bar.

    I guess someone didn't like your posts, or thought they were low quality, so they neg repped you.
    Hi. Um...seeing as you just joined a few days ago and I've been here for 4 months shouldn't it be me welcoming you to ZD? ;)

    Thanks! I dunno which remix you're talking about...Redemption? Yeah I think it's pretty good too; we need more remixes of the Song of Healing--so peaceful. :P
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