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  • haha! Well your winning right now.. I dont even have a sig!

    Its no contest or anything... (or is it? :D)
    Thats pretty good! Really!

    you just reminded me.. I gotta make a really epic signature..
    if only I could top your sig.. ;)
    Hey! Nice avatar. This reminds me one of my feelings - Young Link and Ness being best friends. I would like to see this in a crossover game other than Super Smash Bros. series.
    Emulation is your best bet if you want good quality. How to do it is a different story. You could do the funny live narration with a downloadable screen capture and risk the emulator lagging or do the more informative post narration with no lag whatsoever. That more so depends on what you what handhelds you want to do. GBA doesn't lag too much if at all. NDS on the other hand could take 5 minute just to get through a 2 minute intro. Pick your poison.
    Lol, yeah me too! :xd: But I really do like your sig. I like my avy, I just edited a blurry image and added some text...that's pretty much the extent of my graphic design...well I've made a few sigs and I am getting better, practice is all you need with these kind of things...and some common sense and some inspiration. :P
    Hey, I've seen you around recently. I've got to say, I like your sig, even though it lacks special effects and things it made me smile. It feels like stepping into a true video gamer's world. ^^
    Thanks for acepting it!
    By the way, I saw your thread about emulation. I got into Zelda with an emulator, too.
    Hoy Squadala!!
    Thanks for the friendship request!! :D
    Welcome to ZeldaDungeon, and happy new year!!
    Also, thank you for joining my Koji Kondo group!!
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