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  • Yeah that's me xD and thanks for the compliment :) Megaman 3 is the best for me as it was the first one I played and it holds a lot of meaning for me :D megaman 2 is also excellent and its soundtrack is awesome
    Like you, easily Earthbound, Mother 3 was also an excellent game but not as much as Eathbound/Mother 2, and i didn't like the fact that once you arrive on New Pork City you can't go back to previous areas
    As for my favourite Zelda game I think it is Wind Waker followed very closely by Majora's Mask. Which one is your favourite?
    Hey thanks for the add!
    I hope we can get along well xD but being that you are an earthbound fan I think we will as i also love the mother series :D xD
    Mine are OoT, MM, and TP.

    Stone Mask(Love killing Takkuri for quick cash)

    World Peace

    Since ur a fellow VGM/ BGM enthusiast check out my The 4 Areas Thread
    about Video Game Music it's good to know I'm not the only 1 who thinks VGM is better than certain modern music.

    Mind if I send you/ you send me an FR?
    Haha, cool! I like it when i can make Zelda referances that only a few awesome peoplen understand. Like in Food Technology at school, we have to design and make a pizza. So, of course I chose a triforce pizza. :3
    Haha!! :lol: I really like your signature!! :D
    Almost all of the absolute best games!! :)
    The only things I dislike (not hate) are the Mother 3, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Brawl elements (since I dislike those games.) Other than that, Earthbound, obviously Zelda, Pokemon, F-Zero, and Megaman are some of my favorite series in the entire industry.
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