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  • Super Mario Sunshine is really fun, it's my favorite Mario game, but not everyone got into it :awkward: But, hey, you won’t know until you try :) Also, yeah, the Yoshi in the game are able to spit out juice in a similar manner to how dragon’s can breathe fire…..the only crappy thing is, the Yoshi can’t swim and will revert back into an egg upon contact with deep bodies of water >.>
    Believe me, if it was real, I would be vacationing there every year o_O Or if I had a wish, I’d wish for a warp pipe to Isle Delfino.....it's just such an awesome place in my opinion!
    Noki Bay is a location on Isle Delfino which itself is from the game Super Mario Sunshine :) But today I’m going to Pinna Park, and then on New Years to somewhere much more fun ^^ Noki Bay is by far my favorite location on that island though, it's just so calm and cool there :D
    Yeah, that site keeps up with all the happenings, and their little summaries are better than the Manga in my opinion….since they get straight to the point :)
    I will add more RPs in different places as time goes on. As of right now, there is the Hyrule RP, and I also just created an F-Zero RP. You keep the same character throughout all the RPs. I'll add your character to the list.
    You have to choose one character, I'll add it to the list, then you jump in. Do you want to be Darunia or Mario?
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