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Song of Storms
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  • Hey, man it's been a long time since we talked last. Right now I fear the Song of Storms because EVERY FREAKIN' TIME I whistle it by accident, well, you know what happens. The problem is it's super catchy and I sometimes can't resist! We've had like, 5 sunny days this summer, and the rainy ones are from my stupid mistakes :(.
    AAAAAAANNNNNNGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!! My Dad downloaded a crappy security system for our computer, but it actually made it SLOWER! It took me about 20 minutes to reach this site alone. Wait to go, Dad :(.
    But on the plus side, when my sister gets a new laptop, I'll get hers, complete with Windows 2007 instead of Windows 2000. Cross your fingers for me, Song of Storms!
    yeah, my computer can't do that for some reason *restrains from throwing a brick at the monitor*.
    I tried it out, but I can't seem to be able to set it to shutdown the computer. I'll look at it some more to make it (If it works, it might convince my Mom to get a new computer).
    Why'd you send that twice?
    And how do you put a fake virus on your computer? I wanna try it out on my Mom so I don't have her spending 20 minutes to type one E-mail (My Mom can't even turn on our TV :D no lie!).
    Well, do you?
    Yeah, it's a funny story of how I got it. When I opened it, there was no DSi. My Dad remembered you had to get it at the register of the store, and he forgot it. But it turns out he forgot, like all Dads, that he actually DID get it. Oh, and I also got my first DS game, Spirit Tracks (I still like Phantom Hourglass, though).
    Some time in the future, I hope. I JUST got my DSi XL last christmas and I'm not that ready to let it go just yet. I'll save up my allowance and then see how much I can save by selling my DS.
    Who's Staven?
    Besides, Byrne is my favorite character in the entire series. The reason why is because he's so mysterious. I mean, I'm not sure if he's Hylian or Lokomo.
    That's okay. It's a very weird nickname I got in 5th grade. I used to hate it, but now, it's the name I use in all my accounts. And, for some odd reason, I always seem to remember the numbers 1137 even though they aren't anything special like my locker number. Another reason why someone would mistake me for a boy is that I like to do boy-ish things. I have Asperger's Syndrome and it makes me completly obsessed in one subject, and that one subject is Zelda. Mostly boys have AS but I'm some sort of exception.
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