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  • Op 17 Oktober ga ik met een groep naar de efteling. We moeten ook eens iets doen met zijn allen :D
    Thanks Smitie! I've been debating on when to join the retirees for some time, and I figured that it was a good time. Now all of us old ZD legends can sit back and enjoy watching the new generations fly by. :D
    Your playlist is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well, I was at the library a couple days ago, and I didn't get any invitation. Maybe I just have to add you myself?
    Good: the black is much cooler. Because, you know, that's the one I chose, which makes it awesome anyways, right? :P
    Oh, you lucky Dutch- er, sorry, Duck. Of course, this is probably the first time you guys have ever gotten a game before us.
    Well... no. But first of all, I don't have internet at my house, so I have to go to a library to connect. Second of all, my friend is borrowing my 3DS this week. I'll tell you if/when I get it.
    That's all part of science, you're absolutely right. Sometimes your hypothesis needs reviewed, sometimes it is your methods or tactics. I'm sure you'll make some progress, even if it does mean tweaking things a bit! We've been collecting NES games like no tomorrow! I was playing Fire Emblem at my house and I was pretty sure I was nearing the end.. then I failed to realize by taking the game to Tom's house, that I'd be without my save on my Wii. So I started another file. :p
    Hey Saskia :) I've been working 6-2 most days during the week, so that's why you haven't seen much of me! Plus the days I'm not working (like today), I am at Tom's. I've been excellent. We schedule our classes for college in 1 month and 2 days (eeek!) and we'll have to move soon after too. I've been keeping busy in my spare time playing Donkey Kong (it's so much fun).

    How have you been? I've missed talking to you!
    Ah thanks Smitie! You always like to tease me about being young. :D No alcohol for me! XD
    I am having a good birthday so far, so thanks for your thoughts!
    Yeah, that's all the Dutch I know but from my intuition you are good and you asked how I was? I'm good, thankyou :3 Drawing this massive doodle, I got bored so I am writing names of all the ZD members on this big doodle page.
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