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  1. SlimZim

    Your Unpopular Opinion

    Well, I just thought it's best if I back it up instead of people looking at me like I'm crazy lolol
  2. SlimZim

    Your Unpopular Opinion

    "Unpopular opinion." I never said I liked him, but if you can get millions of people to follow your plans of world domination and mass murdering along with take down a dozen other countries single-handedly, you're pretty damn intelligent. He also started several things: highway system...
  3. SlimZim

    Your Unpopular Opinion

    It goes without saying. What's an opinion you strongly hold that most people tend to disagree with? It does not have to be Zelda related. A Few of Mine: Wind Waker has the best Zelda soundtrack Twilight Princess has the best story-line Hitler was a genius Yours?
  4. SlimZim

    Favorite song from Loz?

    Mine fluctuates often, but right now I would say "Farewell Hyrule King" from Wind Waker. Honestly, the game has one of the best soundtracks Nintendo has made.
  5. SlimZim

    THEBESTZDMAFIA: hi friend

    So, a town of salem-esque game. Is it too late to join?
  6. SlimZim

    Which Song Do You Currently Have Stuck in Your Head?

    Sweet, a Panic! fan. Not many of those. This has been stuck in my head. Along with this.
  7. SlimZim

    Give the Person Above You a New Name

    He's such a cool guy.
  8. SlimZim

    Dinosaurs, Because Dinosaurs, That's Why.

    Oh snap. Here it is
  9. SlimZim

    Dinosaurs, Because Dinosaurs, That's Why.

    +1 i was OBSESSSSSEDDDDD with dinosaurs as a little kid. I wish I still had that passion for paleontology like I used too anyway, this used to be my favorite show on 4KidsTV when I was younger. Cookie goes to anyone who can guess it correctly
  10. SlimZim

    Give the Person Above You a New Name

  11. SlimZim

    A Link Between Worlds Zelda or Hilda?

    :P If I had to choose, Zelda. Just by appearances, I feel like I would connect with her better.
  12. SlimZim

    Post Your Build!

    Nah, within the last few years, PC building has become pretty reasonable..but yeah, you do need some sort of drive for it. Worth it though
  13. SlimZim

    Post Your Build!

    NASA wants its PC back. Pretty good for a laptop! :3 You must be able to MAX out like everything haha. Money well spent, probably won't upgrade for a while xD. Case looks awesome by the way! What games do you play? You should build your own PC! It's worth it! XD
  14. SlimZim

    A Link Between Worlds New Trailer Oct. 11

    Gonna watch it now!! Honestly -- I wasn't wowed. The Alttp intro music brought me back in -- I don't know about this one. A bit skeptical about it right now but hey, that's how Wind Waker was as well. I'll get a 2DS just for this game to see how it is, I just hope that more gameplay comes out...
  15. SlimZim

    Breath of the Wild Most Wanted Feature in Zelda Wii U

    Lack of voice acting doesn't get to me really. I would like to see more involvement with other characters though. I feel like there are too many minor characters who are just there in Zelda. Like in Spirit Tracks -- Zelda contributed. WW -- the Grandma and Aryll were the drive for the whole...
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