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    Twilight Princess Fans of Twilight Princess,

    I really liked Zant too~ I thought he wasn't going to be as wacky as he turned out though. ^^' He's still one of my favorite LoZ characters. :3
  2. SkullKitty

    General Zelda If You Could Add Anything to a Future Zelda Game, What Would You Add?

    I would love to see a game where the different races are playable characters. A "create your own hero" type deal...with Link already being the established savior of Hyrule, you get to embark on an adventure to save him maybe. :3 It's kind of an odd idea but I think it would be cool... I thought...
  3. SkullKitty

    General Classic The Ever Mysterious Skull Kid

    I would like to see more of Skull Kid (which might happen if MM is remade). :3 There isn't evidence to support that the Skull Kid from TP is the same one from MM but he could be. Actually, I think it would interesting to see the Skull Kids' relationship with the Kokiri or other denizens of the...
  4. SkullKitty

    First Shiny Pokemon?

    My first shiny was a Zigzagoon on Sapphire. :3 I still have it. I caught a shiny Roggenrola a few days ago and traded it for a Xerneas...
  5. SkullKitty

    General Zelda What Specific Zelda Related Place Would You Make Your Home?

    Windfall Island (WW) because I love the beach :3 what would be more fun than living in a cute little hut and sailing the seas?? I would also definitely want to try the Palace of Twilight (TP) :3 I know, very different places but they both just seem so fun/interesting to me. I think it would be...
  6. SkullKitty

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time Ending Confusion

    As others have said, the timeline diverges from OoT. :3 MM follows the timeline you described which then leads into TP.
  7. SkullKitty

    Majora's Mask Do You Think a Majora's Mask Remake Is on the Way?

    I think Nintendo will do it. I can't really say when, though. :3 As someone else pointed out, they have been dropping hints like the mask present in ALBW...also, there was a fan petition I saw one day...
  8. SkullKitty

    General Zelda Derp Moments

    Umm, not exactly derpy...but I used to jump every time Redeads would scream at me. ^OxO^ Also, there have been a few times where I've accidentally killed Link because I got distracted while playing and made him jump off a cliff or into a pit or something ^^' It took me a day to figure out what...
  9. SkullKitty

    MM-3DS Why MM is Random

    Woah guys, aren't you forgetting someone!? The Happy Mask Salesman freaked me out as a kid. ^OwO^ In my honest opinion, he is one of the freakiest parts of the game (at least as a kid not expecting that one scene near the beginning haha).
  10. SkullKitty

    What is Your Mood at the Moment?

    I'm feeling pretty good!! :3 I don't really make New Year's resolutions but I plan to beat a few more Zelda games this year. Probably going to focus on Skyward Sword, Legend of Zelda (very first game), and A Link Between Worlds since I only have to beat one more boss/spend a few hours to beat...
  11. SkullKitty

    Twilight Princess Fans of Twilight Princess,

    I agree! I liked Telma a lot. :3 I wouldn't have minded if ALL of the characters had some more development to be honest...
  12. SkullKitty

    Twilight Princess Fans of Twilight Princess,

    Aww, thanks you guys! :3 Yeah, I've played and beaten it many, many times. ^^'
  13. SkullKitty

    Twilight Princess Fans of Twilight Princess,

    Oh! I loved Twilight Princess. :3 It's actually my favorite (haha I know I'm gonna get crap for that). I really like Midna and I wish she had her own game, even though I know it won't happen. >w<
  14. SkullKitty

    A Link Between Worlds Bosses Too Easy

    I think the bosses were pretty easy. They were still fun, but I love the feeling of satisfaction I get from beating a challenging one. :3
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