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  1. ~SkullKid~

    A Link Between Worlds Did You Use the Pins and For What?

    I used the pins to mark Heart Pieces. It really helped because usually I would just forget where the piece was.
  2. ~SkullKid~

    Did You Think That Zelda's Lullaby Was in Walking Dead?

    Did anyone else think that the Governor's whistling sounded like Zelda's Lullaby? I know it wasn't but it was funny how similar it sounded to Zelda's Lullaby.
  3. ~SkullKid~

    Who Are Your 5 Favorite Video Game Characters?

    1. Ezio 2. Altair 3.Connor 4. Leon 5. Link
  4. ~SkullKid~

    Skull Kid

    They could be the same. In fact I bet they are.
  5. ~SkullKid~

    What Was Your First Zelda?

    The first Zelda game I ever played was TP. I didn't even know how to swing my sword.
  6. ~SkullKid~

    Twilight Princess Realistic Graphics Mistake [NOT HD]?

    Yes, TP would look amazing with the HD Graphics.
  7. ~SkullKid~

    Zelda Game You Really Didn't Enjoy

    I didn't enjoy the Minish Cap. I just didn't think it was all that fun.
  8. ~SkullKid~

    Which Seemingly Easy LoZ Boss Do You Think is Actually Quite Difficult?

    I too has had trouble with Volvagia.
  9. ~SkullKid~

    Should the Wii Get a Second Zelda Game?

    No, I want to experience a new feel to a Zelda game.
  10. ~SkullKid~

    Majora's Mask I Never Have Trouble with the Collectors Edition Disc.

    My disc doesn't work. It is the disc because it doesn't work at my friends.
  11. ~SkullKid~

    Which Zelda Game Are You Currently Working On? 100% or Not 100%?

    OoT and TP. I wonder which one I'll beat first
  12. ~SkullKid~

    What is Your Favorite Zelda Boss?

    I would say the very final battle with Ganondorf in TP. It was epic and I enjoyed it. I also beat it on my first try.
  13. ~SkullKid~

    WW-Wii U Wii U Wind Waker?

    It's probally gonna be another game like WW. Such as PH and ST.
  14. ~SkullKid~

    Toon Link, Adult Link, Kid Link, or Adolescent Link

    I like Adult Link. He's more mature and he looks great.
  15. ~SkullKid~

    Love It Or Leave It: Twilight Princess

    I love TP. Its the first Zelda game I ever played and it was really fun.
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