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  • Hello!
    Few helpful tips on RPing:
    When you come in at a later time to a RP that has already started, it is smart to read all of the previous RP Posts. even the ones in the normal Knight academy.
    When you are speaking as yourself and not your character, we use double parentheses ((Like this)) when talking.
    You will need to figure out a way for you character to come in at a strategic moment. you can't just have them pop up randomly and start traveling with the group.
    Also, Your character can't be the sister of Link. We came before Link. even Shigeru, who came from a time in (Our) future. I would suggest that you figure out who your character is and where they come from before you begin Role Playing.
    I hope this has been helpful. If you have any questions, please just ask. :)
    -Wind waker Link
    Just so you know, I'll be on a cruise from March 27th to April 6th. I will be able to get on, though, because there is an internet cafe on the boat.
    On March 25/26 I will not be on, because I'll be getting to where the cruise leaves and going to the Wizarding world of Harry Potter theme park.
    I never properly introduced myself! My name is SisterOfLink17 (you know what that means!) and I am Hylian! I live on Skyloft with my brother Link,who is my hero! I am now old enough to enroll at the Knight Academy and Im very excited! My best friends are Karane and Pipit. I have a huge crush on Pipit, but dont tell him! You might see me around. I wear a light blue uniform with brown hair swept to the side. I kind of look like my brother. My personality is very happy and humerous. Hope to meet you someday! Oh, and don't talk about Groose around me a lot because he bullies me...but lately he is turning into a different guy so thats good. See ya 'round!
    Welcome to Dungeon Gaming Network, SisterOfLink17! I'm Ventus; nice to meet you! I hope you have a great stay here, as I know I have! Make sure to read the Rules and the FAQs if you haven't already! See you around~
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