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    Golden Key Awards 2014: Final Voting Round

    Best Advice: Vanessa28 Most Devoted Wiki Editor: Heroine of Time (I guess...?) Most Helpful: Thareous Most Involved: Vanessa28 ❖￾ Community Awards ❖ Best Blogger: no vote Best General Gaming Debater: JuicieJ Best Mature Discussion Debater: Thareous Best Poster...
  2. Sir Quaffler

    Battle Video Share Thread

    YMUW-WWWW-WWW9-5GAF Me up against the Super Singles Battle Chantelaine. Took freakin' forever to get here, but I finally did it and I beat her (cheating) team of all-Genies. I even managed to go 10 battles more past here before being annihilated by an Alakazam. All my previous attempts...
  3. Sir Quaffler

    DGN Pokemon League Tournament - Gen III Confirmed (Game Thread)

    PU4G-WWWW-WWW9-5G7M Battle between me and Stitch. GG Stitch, very valiant effort. Alas, though, with this I must respectfully bow out of the tournament. The next round doesn't start until next week, and I will be gone from ZD for the fall to concentrate on my final college semester starting...
  4. Sir Quaffler

    Possible Subtitles?

    The Legend of Zelda: Where Do I Freaking Go?! or a slightly more serious guess: The Legend of Zelda: The Endless Blood-Stained Sea of Darkness or a totally serious guess: The Legend of Zelda: Valley of the Flood. Seriously, if there has ever been a chance for Zelda to do a more...
  5. Sir Quaffler

    Your Favorite Pokemon Game

    I have updated the poll to include Black 2 & White 2 and X & Y. As before, my answer's still a 3-way tie between Emerald, Black 2, and Y, though I picked Emerald in the poll because reasons.
  6. Sir Quaffler

    Favorite Generation

    I added Generation VI (X/Y) to the poll as well as updated Generation V to take into account Black 2 & White 2. My answer is Generation 1. They were the ones that started the whole shebang, and wow did they do a good job of enthralling my generation! As a whole I think their designs are the...
  7. Sir Quaffler

    Favorite Pokemon Type

    I added the Fairy type to the poll options to take into account the new games. My answer's still Poison, btw. Not sure if that had anything to do with it, I'm just sayin'.
  8. Sir Quaffler

    Pokemon Trainer's Center

    Here is the one-stop place to catch up on the latest goings-on of your fellow Trainers, as well as the training guides to get your Pokemon properly raised: Pokemon Trading Center What Are You Currently Doing in the Pokemon World? Battle Video Share Thread IV Breeding Guide EV...
  9. Sir Quaffler

    (Least) Favorite Pokemon Type, Generation, Game, Etc.

    Since these topics are very popular, please check if one already exists before creating one, to avoid cluttering the section with redundant polls. Here is a list of existing threads: Favorite Pokemon Type Favorite Pokemon Generation Favorite Pokemon Game
  10. Sir Quaffler

    Hyrule Warriors Female Link Supposedly Confirmed (HW)

    I hope that this is indeed just concept art. I've already stated that I am opposed to the idea of a female Link due to the further confusion among the general populace as to who Link is [I'd much rather Link be a solidly identifiable character that people can resonate with, and him always being...
  11. Sir Quaffler

    Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Versions Discussion Thread

    .....Mega Slowbro and Audino. Why.
  12. Sir Quaffler

    Mega Altaria, Lopunny & Salamence - CoroCoro Magazine Reveal!

    I've always been confused as to how exactly Altaria is supposed to be a dragon... but now that it's a Fairy dragon I don't mind its magnificent fluffiness. And Mega Lopunny.... wow that is one that I did NOT see coming at all. Y'know what, I'm looking forward to that one too. The whole point of...
  13. Sir Quaffler

    DGN Pokemon League Tournament - Gen III Confirmed (Game Thread)

    Z6VG-WWWW-WWW9-W2ZL Ugh... I'm so friggin' embarrassed at myself. Can't blame it on anybody but myself; Cradily was my one shot at maybe turning the tide and I brainfarted with Infestation. So yeah, another wipeout for me. Yeah. GG Terminus, good luck in the next round. (This is what I get for...
  14. Sir Quaffler

    Heracross and Pinsir Downloadable Events Available in North America

    Well I already have both Mega Stones so really I'd just be doing this for the good movesets and the hopes that I get a good set of IV's and stuff. Still seems intriguing.
  15. Sir Quaffler

    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 113!

    Please please please let it be Groose, he so deserves to be a playable character!
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