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  • Acid Sneeze - YouTube
    ^Acid Sneeze
    Where the hell are Train's Wings?! - YouTube
    ^Where the hell are Train's wings?!
    Hey SINIRU! I remembered watching Black Cat when I was a little girl.Four years old or something.My big sis was a crazy anime fan that time lol.
    I watched the vid in your sig.
    Train: Where is a vending machine that sells Milk?
    vending machine does not have milk,but some have.
    Girl: Vending machine doesn't have milk but I do!!!!

    LOL YEAH....poor Alex!
    Okay,I'll try to watch it.BTW,I saw a vid called 'Acid Sneeze' and 'Where the hell are my wings?!'
    Acid Sneeze is about Train having sneeze.A loud sneeze that causes him to sneeze acid.lol....then Sves(I forgot his name) said "YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE!" LOLLL.
    Aannd I'm reading the manga now.

    Can I take Train? Heeehee.
    It's all your fault for making me obsessed with Train.
    he looks so cute dammit.that cute eyes.that hair.cute.so.freaking.cute.his.face.is.cute.
    It's just a funny term. We both had the thread open at the same time. You posted before I did, but your post didn't show (to me) until I posted. Hence, your post appeared ninja-fast in my view.
    Hey Siniru. I just wanted to ask you what anime the character in your sig/avy is from. I think I've heard of it but I can remember the name. Thanks! ^^
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