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  • Absolutely! To be truthful, I can't decide if TP, MM, or SS is my top favorite; I love them all pretty much the same. But Twilight Princess had a perfect balance of all my preferences in a game. :)
    Oh I really love that CD specially Gerudo Valley, I love it pretty much in every version, but in the 25th Anniversary it was just amazing <3
    I most certainly will add you as a friend then.^^ Yeah, Chrono Cross is one of my favorite games ever.^^
    Ha! Yeah well I guess so. Actually I might watch it again soon. Like I said, that was my first time, so I think I will just to make sure I didn't miss something by mistake. Plus my dad hasn't seen it and I might watch it with him.
    Sorry this is late but we haven't known eachother long so...uh...yeah:lol:

    anyway.....Happy Birthday!:D That's cool that it's a Valantines B-Day! Actually my mom's was today.

    And thanks for friending me. I guess I should've considering you responded to my Donnie Darko thread.

    Once again though, Happy Birthday! :D
    Hey there shogun, I don't know you on the forums but I noticed it was your birthday.^^ So...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:clap::clap::clap:
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