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    No never! they're personal treasures right :)
    I want to finish OOT first walkthrough just to unlock the Master Quest :) We have both Spirits and Phantom Hourglass, I kinda liked more the mechanics of Spirits Tracks, maybe because it didn't make me feel stresses all the time. When you get your 3DS you should give me your friend code :D
    Really Great! I finally got my 3DS, the Zelda bundle one, I waited so much to save for it :p
    what about you?
    that's awesome! i'm thinking about trading in my dsi for a 3ds soon but i don't know. I've been alright and stuff. floating along and getting stuff done. pretty good.
    I got it like 2002 or 03. Around then. It was my first FF game ever. I adored it and still do. The music is wonderful, the graphics are very good for the PS1 and I thought the story and character development were the best in FF bar none. I've played many since and loved most of them but IX was special to me. I wish it would get more attention then it does. I haven't met anyone who doesn't like it though to be honest, most just don't put it at #1 on their list. Personally though I never had another gaming experience like it. It impressed me how well written it was and proved to me that video games can be a greta medium for art. As far as my favorite games, it and OoT are right up there with MM and ALttP not far behind.
    Zidane was awesome, I think Vivi was my favorite character though. His story arc really got me. I remember then I thought it would be so cool to have a tail like Zidane lol.
    Yeah it's a good feeling to have a family, but it's definitely ALOT of work! Sometimes I do wish I was single again, but that's alright. I love them and it's worth it....most days lol :)
    I've been doing pretty well. Just seems like all I ever do is work. Believe it or not that's the only time I get to come on these boards lol. Because when I'm home I have my wife and child to attend to and don't have time to get on the computer. How about yourself?
    Oh wow! There has been quite a lot of activity on your page lately!

    How's it going? A lot of work to do? Are you in college/university? Do you already have some kind of job?

    Excited for any upcoming videogames? Movies? TV shows?
    I had to post here, just because it's awesome to see another big FFIX fan. It's one of the best games I have ever played. It's easily one of, if not my absolute, favorite game.
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