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    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Got a lot of homework finished earlier than I expected and got to play some games on PS! as well.
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    EV/IV Training

    EV training/IV breeding is fairly straightforward and almost essential if you want to play competitively. Luckily, with the advent of XY, both of them became a lot easier through super training, hordes and the friend safari/destiny knot.
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    Starting Up

    All I'm saying is that there is already a myriad of threads asking what version you'll get and I don't really understand what this thread contributes. To make this on topic, I think Yveltal is the better legendary which inclines me more towards version Y with Fennekin appearing to be the best...
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    Starting Up

    Then really, what justification is there in making a thread purely to ask what starter someone is going to use? Just wait for more information to be given; it's pointless to discuss so soon due to the lack of reasoning we can provide. Just my 2 cents.
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    Starting Up

    No offense or anything but it's a bit rash to decide which game you want so quickly having only seen FIVE of a possible 100+ Pokemon that will be in the game. Furthermore, we don't know any version exclusive areas or anything else about the games further than what we've seen. Heck, we haven't...
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    Which Version Will YOU Get?

    It's way too early to decide. We've only seen 1 difference as of yet.
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    Will Pokemon X and Y Be the Reason You Get a 3DS?

    I already have a 3DS, luckily. But if I didn't, it would most probably be the reason I got one due to the fact I got a GBA for 3rd gen and a DS Lite for 4th gen. It's about time that they changed the console, anyway. We've had DPP/HGSS and BW/BW2 on the DS already plus tons of other spin off games.
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    [PnP RPG] The Art of War (Character Creation and Discussion Thread)

    This PnP will most likely be shut down due to obvious lack of interest and activity. Thanks for making me write all that stuff out for nothing! :D
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    [PnP RPG] The Art of War (Character Creation and Discussion Thread)

    ....don't you have a computer? haha. Anyway, welcome back Regal. Hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year's! If you'd like I can just post your character sheet in the game thread for you to quote ("reply with quote", bottom right of posts), or if for some reason that's not possible you can...
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    Fire Emblem: Burning Blade SU

    Eh, merging the two is quite silly and just leads to confusing plots. I won't be participating, sorry.
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    Fire Emblem: Burning Blade SU

    I'm quite a fan of FE but I haven't played Burning Blade. Is much prior information necessary to participate?
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    [PnP RPG] The Art of War (Character Creation and Discussion Thread)

    No offense intended or anything, but why did you sign up if you have a lot of stuff to do, and then create more roleplaying threads in this subforum? :s By the way, I don't mean to nag, yet you still haven't payed attention to the fixes I've been writing in the thread on your character. I...
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    [PnP RPG] The Art of War (Game Thread)

    === ~ Party 1 ~ ================================== HP: 13/13 | MP: 12/12 | Front | Kazumi, lvl 1 Spellthief (Kazumi) =============================================== HP: 17/17 | MP: 08/08 | Front | Maxxy, lvl 1 Warrior (Maxxy) =============================================== HP: 04/04 | MP: 21/21...
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    [PnP RPG] The Art of War (Character Creation and Discussion Thread)

    No problem, I was just wondering as the thread went very quiet and we haven't heard from a few players yet. In the game all you really need to do is go in an fight the goblins (unless you feel really rebellious :P) so I can do an introductory-esque part to the combat system.
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