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  • haha ty
    I somehow mixed up my birthday with brewfest this year, both are equally good holidays. :D

    So how have you been lately? I decided to PvE one last time considering how this is gonna be the 2nd to last expansion I heard D:.

    Other than that I'm so interested in Assassins Creed but that may be cuz of the nerdiness hidden blades bring
    trolololol :lol:
    that looks so realistic O.O
    hehe but theres 2 kinds of female Blood Elves. The ones with the Goatees and the kind my dwarf likes to kite. :P

    So are you playing anything other than WoW? I delved into Minecraft for a bit but now I'm leveling this here feral druid that has 1 piece of BoA gear.
    "So, how's that World of Warcraft thingimabober?
    Is it any good? :?"

    -Me 1 year ago

    Just one question is why I am here right now doing this. :O
    life is so weird...
    Joined the Alliance again P:
    I just cant abandon my little dwarf, and i found a 2v2 partner thats the same nationality as me haha. :D

    What is the opposite of a hunter btw? Because it would be cool to do something completely different for an alt...perhaps a feral druid
    Oh and i should really be playing zelda nowadays and throw my wow addiction into the molton front...but minecraft is starting to absorb my attention span.

    Hows the OOT 3d? :)
    u dinged? whoah!!!
    grats :D ;D

    i feel like such a moron not knowing your birthday lol
    i'll link u a cake if i can find it

    [Birthday Cake of Epicness]
    Well, real life comes up and you gotta do what you gotta do, so don't be sad. I was actually about to post a thread on the differences between Newts and Salamanders.
    Happeh Happeh birthday! I haven't seen you on for a while, but we sure had some fun times on the Zelda Races 2 ;)
    You lie! The 3d can only be seen for 2 seconds before it reverts to 8bit graphics! D: Neyh. I won't be getting a 3DS until later in the year. And i'll miss out on the ambassador program and those 20 free games!
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