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  • I've been playing Minecraft for about the same amount of time. Besides that nothing much is "up". Also, I only have eight more days of school! Let's celebrate by riding sushi!
    Hey, long time no speak. So you're absence is due to World of Warcraft? I'm kind of in the same thing, but with Minecraft and I can control my self. We should chat the next time we're both on, so leave a message next time you see me.
    Naw, it's only the two lol.

    I keep making alts, more alts, and a few alts. End up having a couple level 60s while my friends are on their 3rd 85 lol.

    How consuming? I play every day after homework and such, set a personal limit of not going past 8. =P
    hi SheikahWarriow, do you still remember me :D I've been inactive for quit a long time, but I was starting to miss ZD so now I'm back.

    how have you been doing? :D
    Oh my god.
    New WoW expansion that I'm actually exited for. :D:D:D:D:D:D

    Now excuse me while I dust off my old stuffed bear and asian it out in the corner...
    this guy is gonna be my main
    omg so true, I had the worst of luck during the holidays.
    Everyone in my guild except me had the luck to win a kodo lolololol xP

    hows your toon? Im starting to do raids on mine and soon will make a tauren pally or something to pvp on cuz they almost always win bgs on my server
    believe it or not, it only took me 3 days to get this gear cuz Zandalaris are pretty easy even with Ruthless/Vicious
    lol I'll keep these coming so that it gets fun to read when theres more than one of them
    oh and you're not missing too much

    I just faction changed my priest to alliance so I can try to get tier 13 when 4.3 comes out

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