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    A Link Between Worlds Am I the Only One Who is Disappointed?

    I have been hoping for a Zelda top-down perspective for the 3DS. Though many want a complete 3D back view perspective like Ocarina of Time 3D, I feel that it doesn't truly capture the full potential of what 3D can enhance in a Zelda game. Sure Ocarina of Time 3D has some great effects, but...
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    OoT Observation

    If we believe that the wooden material rots overtime in the 7 year gap, I wonder what's keeping other materials from rotting as well. If Link was preserved from starving to death for 7 years and is perfectly fit when he's wakes, why would wood, a substance made from life itself, rot instead of...
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    Spoiler Ganondorf's Evil Spirit?

    Well, Skyward Sword has given some light on this matter about origins of Ganon's evil. When the Demon King Demise was defeated in battle, he placed a curse on Link and Zelda's descendants (and future incarnations) to be forever haunted by an incarnation of his hatred. This incarnation is...
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    Corrupt a wish!

    Wish granted, now the Internet is closed for good. I wish that the Cold War never happened.
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    If There Really Was a Fourth Piece of the Triforce, What Would It Represent?

    If we view the Triforce symbol on the Hylian Shield as the symbol of the goddesses, then the Fourth Piece would represent Hylia herself. As Hylia is the guardian of Hyrule, the piece itself could be the Force itself. Definition in Hyrule Historia: Interestingly enough, the Red Loftwing is on...
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    Skyward Sword Is Hylia an Effective Part of the Lore?

    In short, yes. She does matter in the overarching theme of the Legend of Zelda. She is the protector of the Triforce and the Hylian people, battling against the wicked forces of the demons who intend to use it for malevolent purpose. She is the one who chose Link as the hero and made go...
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    Aquaman: Yay or Nay

    Well, Aquaman can summon Cthulhu if he wishes and he rules over 70% of the Earth. I think Aquaman can be awesome if the writers know how to use him properly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T837zAuUMLA
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    General Zelda The Triforce

    It's a difficult thing to say, but I believe that it means you're left with the Triforce piece that you believe is the key to your success. If you desire to become the most knowledgeable person in the world, you would most likely gain the Triforce of Wisdom. If you wish to battle numerous...
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    Skyward Sword How Does Demise Resemble Ganon?

    When people are talking about Demise resembling Ganon, they're referring to Ganon's human form: Ganondorf. While Ganon is often the name of the beast and Ganondorf the name of the man, in-game characters like Zant and the King of Red Lions use both interchangeably since they are the same...
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    General Zelda Does Anyone Know This Song?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJh3D_zX0To A Link to the Past End Credits Theme
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    Spoiler Is Demise Supposed to Be This Easy?

    I have a friend who didn't realize that he can do lightning strike until after he'd beaten Demise. He was told by Fi that the Skyward Strike is unavailable during the first phase of the battle and assumed that the same goes true with the second phase. Thus he had to fight Demise with the...
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    Spoiler Is Demise Supposed to Be This Easy?

    Demise is based on how good the player is at sword-fighting. If you're a skilled expert, of course he's easy. But if you're not, he is like a juggernaut. I've tried defeat to Demise with no lightning strike and he was a monster, on normal difficultly no less. I don't think this show Demise's...
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    General Zelda Zelda's Darkest Moment

    The Ritual and Resurrection of the Demon King Demise. After realizing that ritual was going on as Link fights Ghirahim, I felt genuine fear when I saw that the Imprisoned is going to absorb Zelda's soul. The mere presence of that monster getting near Zelda and the sheer agony from Zelda as her...
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    Spoiler What is the Execution Sword.

    It's the Sword of the Sages, it's meant to execute dangerous criminals like Ganondorf. And like any other sword (except for the Master Sword), it can be wielded by anybody, good or evil. There's no real purpose of the Execution Sword aside from the fact it symbolizes the corruption of the...
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    General Zelda Should Link Die?

    The only way I could see Link die is if it was a heroic sacrifice with a bittersweet and hopeful ending. Like if Link defeats villain and saves Hyrule from destruction, but is mortally wounded in the process and dies. The people will honor him for his deeds while Zelda will mourn her fallen...
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