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    Xbox360 or PS3

  2. Seethe

    BioShock Infinite

    I think I need to consider finishing up BioShock 1 and 2 before I even consider looking into this game. I've really enjoyed BioShock so far, I just don't have a chance to play it as much as other games because of my save file being on Amanda's PS3. Either way, I'm still excited to see the series...
  3. Seethe

    Batman: Arkham City

    Interesting to find out that two of the villains will actually be against each other. Also glad to hear about Cat Woman as well and a little about the role which she will play in the game. Side-quests are also a nice touch, IMO. Not that Arkham Asylum really needed them at all, but something to...
  4. Seethe

    GoldenEye Packaged With Golden Classic Controller

    Unless you happen to like a ugly *** gold color or just simply collect things of this nature, it's nothing special. There is really no deal behind this bundle at all. You pay $20 for the gold controller just like the rest. The thing reminds me of the original Xbox controller. At least it looks...
  5. Seethe

    Batman: Arkham City

    This is very interesting and I will probably take a look at it while I'm replaying the game on Hard to grab my first Platinum trophy but not exactly the kind of new I'm looking for. Apparently there's supposed to be another Hub update by GameInformer some time today. I'm really looking forward...
  6. Seethe

    Finished Games of 2010

    Twin Snakes was definitely a nice port. The improved controls and graphics were great. The ability to actually aim your weapons is nice, too. Unfortunately my GC is still in my mother's basement in another state. I really wish that I had a PS2 that was in working condition to replay the rest...
  7. Seethe

    Xbox360 Slim

    The Slim still has it's flaws. Microsoft actually removed the red LED lights from the console that cause the RROD. Now people have already dubbed the "Light of Death" which is actually located on the power brick and turn red when the console is having hardware problems.
  8. Seethe

    Finished Games of 2010

    I think we're starting to get somewhere. I have plenty of good things to say. I gave compliments to Fallout 3 that someone else mentioned they finished this year. As for Tomb Raider and Brawl, I've never played either of them and have no opinion. Other than horrible Wii controls, I can imagine...
  9. Seethe

    Finished Games of 2010

    Whether I think someone's choice in video games is poor or not is also my opinion and not a absolute. Claiming a video game to be the "best ever" is speaking in absolutes that were clearly wrong to begin with and I simply denounced the statement with my opinion. I didn't make this thread to...
  10. Seethe

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I put some more time into Heavy Rain. Played through the first chapter of the reporter which had a very unsuspected ending. The game definitely drags you right in and the interactive button sequences really put the pressure on you and makes the game that much more intense and immersive. Also...
  11. Seethe

    Finished Games of 2010

    Thanks for telling me what my own thread is about. There is nothing wrong with discussing the games that you have finished. I believe I said:
  12. Seethe

    Game Recomendations Thread

    Everyone that has posted has covered the basics. One game that I do not see is Crackdown. I never got to play the second one because I no longer have a Xbox 36, but I definitely recommend the first one. It is a sandbox styled game and as you progress with your genetically enhanced police officer...
  13. Seethe

    Your Favorite Video Game Series

    The Legend of Zelda Metal Gear Solid Castlevania Final Fantasy Halo
  14. Seethe

    Finished Games of 2010

    Chapter 11 of 13. You basically complete the game before these features come along. Feel free to bash the games I listed and I will more than gladly defend them if at all possible. I can bash Tomb Raider and SSBB for you too if you would like. You're entitled to you're opinion of a game and...
  15. Seethe

    Seething Designs

    I generally find most things on DA. That's an amazing place to download brushes as well. All of the brushes that I have downloaded over the years have come from there.
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