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Video games (duh), music, computers
The Wind Temple


Beaten: LoZ (both quests), AoL, ALttP, OoT, MM, MC, FS, OoS, OoA, WW, TP, SS (Hero Mode)
Played: FSA
Not Played: LA, PH, ST, ALBW
3 Heart Runs Completed: OoT, MM, WW, TP

OoT >= MM > SS > WW > TP > OoA >= OoS > MC > ALttP >= LoZ > FS >= FSA > AoL

Order in which I've played the above:
OoT, MM, OoA, OoS, ALttP, FS, WW, TP, AoL, FSA, LoZ, SS, MC
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