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  • Just keep on believing in him! I'm sure he feels the same!

    Also, have you tried posted in the Golden Key Awards? You should check it out! It's going to be a lot of fun!
    If it goes to voice mail, then leave him a message that you just want to talk to him! ;)
    Yea, that happens to me a lot, everyday to be exact! :xd: But you shouldn't worry. If he already told you that he likes you a lot, then he means it. Sure, he will meet new people, but he met you first and he has a stronger bond with you than with anyone he might meet during the camp. Besides, you can always give him a call or text. :) Don't worry about it! I'm sure he won't like someone in one week's time. *hug*
    I usually get music for Piano in F concert, and I just begin like that.
    Oh yes! French horns are in F concert! Yea, I would have to transcribe music, which is not hard.
    That's awesome what you're doing! I can never find Nintendo music for French horn.
    Hey just letting you know, the image in your sig space is way to tall. We have a couple rules for the sigs and the max height is 250px.
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