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  • Me and Atty are having a wonderful marriage and we always embrace each other with love! :love: She's the best!
    Well, at least he said he was sorry. It's nice to see you smile again. ^^
    Aww, it's amazing how much you love Atty! Haha, I might just do that :) My friends are super ticked at him, one of them is plotting going 'undercover' and like telling him off. But I won't let her do that, that would just be plain mean.
    My life is just peaceful as of the moment. I'm just thinking about Atty! You shouldn't give him hell, what you should do is "act" like a puppy and just tell him that you were so worried and that you felt alone. That should make him feel a bit sad, and then he'll say sorry and everything will be fine.
    Oh, well at least you're recognized as a Hylian Knight (whatever importance that is)! :D So what's been going on with you? Nothing much been going on with me. Haven't been having a very good week :( I think Luke has been ignoring me :/ which I don't understand at all. So I've decided that he'll come to me when he wants to and then I'll give him hell about it. XD
    Actually, that means I'm a Hylian Knight. Yellow means I'm an Article Writer, which I really want so bad. :'c
    Hello! It's been awhile! How do you that I'm an Article Writer? The Article Writer Staff hasn't informed about anything yet.
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