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  • There comes a day in one's life where they must decide, "Do I wish to do this?" For you, that time is now. Join us, and be enlightened.
    All in good time, my good friend. We must teach you of our unholy Matron's love for you and I, and then, you will know.
    The Cul- I mean the Church of the Bearded Nun of course! It is our belief in the Beard Who Watches; an all-knowing beard that, if we grow a fine enough beard, will grant us our wishes! If our hearts are without hatred, of course. If we do not have true nobility in our heart, then the Underbeard will no doubt prey upon our well-groomed beard. So I dare to ask; are you woman enough to join our Church?
    I fear that I must leave you to journey into Falmer territory. I cannot offer enough apologies to truly show you the remorse I feel. Talos guide you through this dark part of your life.
    Have you accepted Talos into your life?

    Awww. D: Well cheer up! I'm here! Although you see me as your best friend, I sometimes see as more than a best friend. *plants a kiss on your forehead* I've been doing great! I miss you! :kawaii:
    Awww. *hugs you tight* We can start chatting now if it makes you feel better! ^^
    I have! Thank you for telling me the information on the forums! ^^
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