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  1. sailorgirl221

    Do You Wear a Watch?

    I wear my betsey jhonson ones lol.. only sometimes though. it's handy if i can't readily check my phone but they also look neat-o with what ever out fit i wear lol..
  2. sailorgirl221

    Fast Food Places You've Eaten at

    I don't eat alot of fast food anymore.. it's very rare when I do and when I do it's: taco bell wendys popeyes any type of chinese.. that's prettty much it in a nut shell lol. i prefer to cook my own food.
  3. sailorgirl221

    Enjoying Things You Dislike

    wrestling... and not the greco-roman but I mean WWE... I think it's fake and the acting and grudges are forced.. though whenever I watch it I like the fights.. or "fights?" I'm jstu really confused about it. I like it but I don't at the same time... lol I mean dose this look fake to you?? but...
  4. sailorgirl221

    Two Cents

    well i never used that phrase before lol.. though when I give my opinion i would like to think that it's worth something more than two cents.. though i'm pretty sure that it's not lol. So whenever someone asks for my opinion i give it regardless of it's worth lol.
  5. sailorgirl221

    Worst Item You've Lost

    I remember losing a poison ring that my mother gave to me when i was a late teen... well i'm 24 now and i know that i will never find it again and it still breaks my heart.. :(
  6. sailorgirl221

    Getting Over People

    for me it's either really hard to get over someone or it's incredibly easy. if i really liked a person though and through but they hurt me? i can get over it pretty quickly. That's because how could it work out or how could it go any further it they could just hurt me like that with no...
  7. sailorgirl221

    Have You Ever Crushed on Somebody from ZD?

    yep i did and do!!! i had the biggest crush on Mases lol! but it died down and i'm cook with it and 'm pretty sure he is to lol. and the current one?! not telling it's a secret to everyone...
  8. sailorgirl221


    despite all that I have gone though and being pushed down and thrown out, broken and rebuilt, broken and rebuilt and broken again. I have no regrets at all.. i messed up things that changed life for me as i knew it a shook up how i looked at my self. but they were such lessons that needed to be...
  9. sailorgirl221

    Best Advice You Ever Got

    life's not fair, then you die - my mom if you see something you don't like about your self in the mirrior you lie to your self and say that you love it anyways- my sister i want you to find a man that will treat you like a queen because you deserve nothing less- my daddy life is just to damn...
  10. sailorgirl221

    How Much Time Do You Plan to Spend at the Marathon?

    i watched a very good chunk of it from begging to end lol. i made sure to watch the finaly part of it though. that stuff was so great and i can't wait to watch it again next year lol.
  11. sailorgirl221

    Do You Believe in "Soulmates"?

    I believe that there is a soul mate out there for some one. they don't necessarily have to be lovers though. I say this because I believe that my best-friend and I are soul mates. since the day that we met we had a bond like no other, on that just can simply be broken. i truly believe that we...
  12. sailorgirl221

    How Trusting of Others Are You?

    i don't trust people untill they prove to me that they deserve it. how can they prove it? i don't know lol. I have to know this person to the point that i can feel it in my gut with out a doubt that i can trust them. so when i know they will know lol.
  13. sailorgirl221

    Planning For The Future

    honestly I've been out of high school for about three years now and I've done and seen alot of things that most people couldn't even dream up.. and i still don't know what i want to do with my life lol. right now i'm focusing on getting a better job and education and after that i would like to...
  14. sailorgirl221

    Favorite Midnight Snacks

    i try not to eat that late at night, but when i do it's a snack bar and water lol.
  15. sailorgirl221

    Colors of the Things You Own

    all the frunituer in my living room is black lol.. and the things in my bed room is black and beige. my bathroom is purple though because what is life with out whimsy!
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