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  • Don't feel inferior, just believe in yourself, believe that your work and everything else you perform is great because it is. ;)

    Oh yeah, sorry, I was away for a while, eh? Haha, anyway, couldn't pass the opportunity to come wish you a Merry Christmas.
    Hahaha. XD No worries about the lateness. :3 It happens.

    I've heard that Link's Awakening is available for download on the 3DS, but I'm not entirely sure since I don't own one myself. :sweat: If that is the case, when I get a hold of a 3DS, I am sooo downloading that. ;w; I miss Link's Awakening...I haven't played it in years and do not own the game myself.

    And no...I haven't played SS or TP yet. XD *fails* My friend could not bring them, sadly. He would have been able to if there was enough room on the train for it, but that wasn't the case. He ended up having to leave a lot of stuff back at his apartment for that reason, though. The stuff he managed to bring home was more of a priority. :sweat:

    And that's a shame you won't be joining us for the collab. :( I think you would have done wonderfully regardless if whether or not you were good at drawing people. :3 I'm not sure when we're kicking it off...probably sometime after Christmas, but Ochibi also has not settled on a theme yet, so...who knows? XD
    Hey Sabie, how are you? I was wondering if you've been playing Skyward Sword? Let me know when you're on so we can talk =)
    Oh yeah, btw, it's Chapter 4 where your character is introduced, I messed up back then telling you it was around chapter 6 or 7. :P My bad, I do apologize. I'll be updating soon enough, with more on your character.
    I'm sorry, first of all, because I haven't been active lately. I am glad you read the prologue and chapter 1, and I am glad you liked the story and the art. ;) I also saw your pictures and I have to tell ya, they are great. You really took them? They really look awesome, I liked the dog more than the others, but yeah, all look impressive, you sure know about photography, kind of reminds me of Shan. :P
    Link's Awakening is a VERY good game in my opinion. :3 It was the very first Zelda title I completed...and I still cry at the ending....even now. XD; It's very interesting and has a lot of wonderful music too, so I highly recommend it. :3 Perhaps you can find a ROM for it somewhere? I know it's not the same as physically playing it, but it's better than nothing, right? :3

    I found out...not too long ago...;w; That a friend of mine is bringing Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess and his Wii over when he comes to visit during his school break...so at the very least I will be able to SEE Skyward Sword played a little, and maybe even get the chance to play TP finally! XD; The trade off is that he gets to watch me play the ending of Majora's Mask since we did technically start the file together, but I just ended up playing it through. :sweat: I thought it would be fair for him to at least see the badassery of the Fierce Deity in action. :3

    WW is a pretty awesome game. 8D Not my all-time favourite by far, but it is really fun. ^_^ I hope you enjoy it to the end when ya do.
    I may as well leave you the link here in case you have trouble finding it.

    For the story link, try reading on the last page of the thread, I think your character appeared in chapter 6 or 7. As to the art pic, well, I decided to post her here for you to see. If you don't like what I came up with, just tell me what you want me to work on and I will edit it.

    Story link: Asgard-Legends

    Well, I've decided my play. It's Hercules. I've recently been able to find the songs and props and stuff so I've decided to do it. And I've found out that I only need 7 people if I double up the parts.^^

    I've been good.^^ You?
    XD Ah, see, the one's that I've played and completed of the older games are Link's Awakening, Ocarina of Time, Oracle of Seasons/Ages and soon to be Majora's Mask. The rest I have played, but have not completed. :3 Of the Modern Zelda games, I've only played and completed Wind Waker and I've seen some of Twilight Princess played. :sweat: I'm also aware of some of the story for the modern games on the hand held systems, even though I have not played them myself. XD So yes, I am very behind on that front.

    As for drawing from imagination...um...I can't really explain "how" I do it...I just kind of do. :sweat: I think the best I can describe it is that I have a knack for drawing the visuals I see in my head in the same way you use physical visuals to draw what you do. :3 I do have to reference sometimes however, if I need to get shape and detail correct, but for the most part, I rely on what's in my noggin. XD
    Heya Sabel, how is it going?

    I just dropped by to say hi and to let you know that your character has been introduced. And I dunno if I mentioned it to you before but I also drew her. Have you seen her pic?
    Will do on both counts! I'm happy to share opinions of Zelda games, but I am very far behind with the modern titles...;w; Of all the Zelda games I've played, they date about 2003 and earlier.

    Ah I see. Nothing wrong with reference. :3 I have an easier time drawing from my imagination, but depending on what I'm drawing, I do use reference to get the details correct.

    And you have a DA? 8D What's your username on there? I'll go track you down and offer help if you need it on there. ^_^ I would love to see your stuff for sure! :3
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