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  • I have been told to apply in that area because I’m apparently a good writer, or so I’ve been told….but it’s just not my thing :silent: I wish you luck in that area if you do get around to it though :yes:
    I guess posting Blogs isn't really significant…..it's just a mechanic that's there for if you wanna share some news with other Users here :nod:
    Hi! What's up? Just saw your message now. I beat Skyward Sword over Christmas break, and my opinions are that it's AWESOME! Thanks for friending me on DA!
    Yep, I enjoy making people happy on here so.....yay for ZD :bleh: I don't make any posts myself really, unless a big even comes up......such as the Christmas and New Years Blogs I made, I may put up something for Valentine’s Day…..maybe.
    This realm of cyber space is nice.....Users to chat with every now and then, and people that I can make happier by spreading sunshine and gratitude :yes:
    Hey Sabie thanks =)

    Let me know when you're on sometime so we can chat about Skyward Sword, and Twilight Princess. ^^

    As for Spotpass, I think it works in that whenever your 3DS connects to the internet, it picks up something new....or....something...errr I don't know much about it either xD
    Oh hell yeah! I did. :P One of the best ever for me. What about you?

    Don't worry, you may be late, but at least you get back to me when you can, and it's always good to hear from you. ^^
    Ah, I know...I need six dollars for it too...;w; (I got a 3DS for christmas! YAY! And totally beat OoT 3D within a matter of days. XD; I'm onto the Master Quest now...and the mirroring is messing with me. lol It's challenging though, so it will keep me busy.)

    And no, unfortunately not. :sweat: But I'm going to try and make plans to visit him at one point. :3 He's just...you know...six hours away...XD But I'm sure I'll figure out a way to get there.

    A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! *hugs* My holiday's were okay...my little brother and father kind of put a bit of a damper on the celebrations Christmas morning, but it was a little better than what happened last year (it's sort of a very personal matter this whole thing, so please understand when I really do not want to go into detail about it).

    I brought my Ocarina to my relatives though, and despite only having and practicing with it for three weeks, people seemed to enjoy it. :3 Though, any cousins of mine (or my cousin's boyfriend apperantly...XD;) who were Zelda fans totally asked me to play Epona's song right off the bat. XD It was funny!

    How was your holidays? :3
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