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    A Link Between Worlds Am I the Only One Who is Disappointed?

    The biggest gripe for me is the artstyle It just doesn't seem dignified or have the polish of what I would expect from one of Nintendo's biggest franchises. Honestly it reminds me of the Nintendoland Zelda mini game :\
  2. RubenCrapton

    Can We Have a Fire Emblem Awakening Hype Thread?

    I just picked up my pre-order! How's everyone enjoying it?
  3. RubenCrapton

    Can We Have a Fire Emblem Awakening Hype Thread?

    Yeah, for sure, discussion thread. Let's keep it goin' Be careful of spoilers though
  4. RubenCrapton

    Can We Have a Fire Emblem Awakening Hype Thread?

    FIRE EMBLEM HYPE THREAD! Official Hype Song Alternate Hype Song Trailers Fire Emblem: Awakening Trailer Character Classes Trailer Building Your Army Trailer I'm super stoked about this game, I actually have it pre-ordered Are you guys as excited as me? What are you looking forward to...
  5. RubenCrapton

    The Wii is Underrated

    That generation as a whole was fantastic though, and I honestly believe it was the golden age of gaming. People argue for the 4th and 5th generation, but the 6th had three fantastic consoles with outstanding libraries. I suppose an argument could be made that gen 4-6 was the golden age, but...
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    The Wii is Underrated

    Run-of-the-mill-box? Why so?
  7. RubenCrapton

    The Wii is Underrated

    Most of my friends are either PC fanatics, or are into consoles that are not the Wii. They don't think the library warrants a purchase. It's underrated where I'm from because no one even gives it a chance. I've been trying to find Fire Emblem games for MONTHS but to no avail :\
  8. RubenCrapton

    The Wii is Underrated

    What is FE10?
  9. RubenCrapton

    The Wii is Underrated

    Can we have a thread about how woefully underrated the Wii is? I never really got into the Wii's library until the beginning of 2012, and boy, all those people who write it off as a "kiddie" console are missing out. -All those great 1st party titles -Some of the best JRPGs of that...
  10. RubenCrapton

    A New Generation: How Much is Too Much?

    What generation are we on now? 7th? 8th? I can't even keep track anymore, but the point is that when X and Y are released there will be over 700 Pokemon. Are you sick of having to learn the hundreds of names? Do you love the increased depth, and expansion of the Pokemon universe? I...
  11. RubenCrapton

    Wii U Preorders

    I'm not getting a Wii U until 2014 -New Zelda games -New Super Smash Bros. probably -If there is a god there will be a new Metroid game announced Plus, I still have a bunch of games I still want to catch up on
  12. RubenCrapton

    Nintendo Wii - End of Life Thoughts

    I really wish I got into the Wii sooner than I did. I mean like REALLY get into it further than SSBB and Mario Kart. I didn't really get hardcore into gaming until 2009, and I didn't really start to look at the Wii until very recently, regrettably. I have a really big back log of what I still...
  13. RubenCrapton

    Fallout 3 and Its DLC's

    "Has anyone ever played this game?" lol, really? It's one of the most popular RPGs of the last 10 years
  14. RubenCrapton

    What Video Games Do You Want Most but Don't Have Yet?

    Oh lord, my wishlist: -LoZ Skyward Sword -Xenoblade -Monster Hunter Tri -Super Mario Galaxy -Super Mario Galaxy 2 -New Super Mario Bros. Wii -Donkey Kong Country Returns -The Last Story -Star Wars: The Force Unleashed I/II (I know they're not so good, but I love SW and I wanna give 'em...
  15. RubenCrapton

    Worst Way to Die in a Video Game

    either when you're RIGHT by a check point or just in a stupid, needless situation. Once when I was playing RDR, I got done hunting for like 3 hours and I was heading back to town when my horse glitched out and sent me flying into the river. All that time wasted... ; ;
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