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  • ah ok, just for fun then. Cool. I get it now. Lol. So, are Podcasts on here often?
    Nooooo, just between the three guys that know we're not serious. :P

    The forum itself is very civil. Real flame wars and such hardly ever break out.
    so empty insults are a staple around here, huh? Lol. I'll keep that in mind for when I am bored.
    Yeah, me Axle and Kitsu have been doing that kind of thing for months now. Kind of a habit now.

    Good to see you here by the way.
    Hey, had fun in the chatroom. I didn't upset you, did I? I thought maybe I had. If I did, I'm sorry. It wasn't my intention. :(

    Vergo, Kitsu and me were just playing around. We engage in empty insults. :sweat:
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