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  • Yeah, that's right! I got my username changed a while back.

    And I just bought Skyward Sword!!!!!!! Haven't played it yet though, but I'm gonna do that right NOW! :D
    Yes, I love Kirby. I'll be picking up Return to Dreamland tomorrow. I bought Mass attack last month and it's my favorite handheld Kirby to date. I hope RTD tops my console Kirby list :D
    Vocaloid is a group of Japenese characters who sing. I don't know very much about them. That's all I know. They use some kind of synthetic voice from a sample voice. They are pretty cool.
    I sense a Kirby lover in town. Are you in NA or EU? If in NA, did you pick up Kirby's: Return to Dreamland? If so, how are you enjoying it? Sorry for the compound question.
    Haha. I've been listening to Vocaloid. They have drownage music, so epic. I visit Facebook rarely.
    Hey! Glad your back. No worries. I saw you pic. I have that same Link. Nothing, just chilling at 11 pm
    Actually... no. :( I never beat that game, I might be able to beat it now though, but I haven't played the game in a long, long while. But since I've beaten Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, it seems I should beat Super Mario Sunshine as well (just to complete the 3D Mario games).

    By the way, I got FSA the day before yesterday, so now I own all of the "main" Zelda games! :) But what are you up to, when you're not doing school stuff?!
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