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    no problem, glad to have you as a friend :)
    Hey, romani! I haven't talked to you for a while. I was actually wondering something: Where did you get the GIF of Kirby slashing his sword?
    Hey Thanks for the friend add :zelda:

    Your avatar is really cute I love it.
    Oh and welcome to Zelda dungeon ;)
    Sorry about the long wait but, I've played Alttp(gba,snes), OoT(VC),MM(VC) OoA(GBC) WW(gc) TP(GC, wii) PH(DS) ST(DS) and MC(Gba)
    Thanks for being excited, it's good to know at least a handful of people enjoy my idea. If you don't want to read through all of the previous posts, I'll post a new thread stating the most important parts of the story so far so you can catch.
    Hey, romani64, what's up? I haven't really gotten a chance to talk to you before, and i see you're relatively new! Anyway, I wanted to say hi and volunteer my services if you need help with anything. By the way, thanks for requesting me as a friend!
    Well, I've only played three; Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, and A Link to the Past, and I liked Phanom Hourglass the best.
    Hello. Thank you for the friend request. If you want to talk to someone though, it is easier if you respond on their own page by clicking their name or avatar. :)
    this place is like facebook.
    you go on it,do nothing,and wait for something to do.
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