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  • :D I have always been wondering what someone who has never been to Europe thinks of Europe! So, what do you think?! =\

    And yeah, I do agree that the BW is awesome, I am actually listening to it right now! :lol:
    i am a dork.
    a dork who watches to much of kirby; right back at ya!
    ...yes...there is a kirby TV show...
    .......and no i am not to old to watch it....o_O
    Romani my friend, B&W are coming up really soon now, on Friday for me! :D I don't know about you but if you live in the US of A you'll get it a little later than here in Europe.
    sitten in mai living room...with super smash bros. brawl playing the gerudo valley theme.
    its very addicting, that game o_O
    I'm good, my computer has been down for a while. I noticed that the RP's have been dieing a little , unfortuatly.
    lots of people like pokemon, kirby and zelda........a lot more than i expected...i dont know anyone that likes zelda of pokemon..................just one friend of mine that likes kirby (ever since i liked it,which started a month ago >.<)
    dark terminians is dead...no one goes on there anymore.......:,(
    and thank you all for proving me wrong. im not the only person that likes zelda.and i still have never actually MET a person that does...
    its still fiiine thoouuugh......bleh im going to play kirby air ride. :)
    Thanks :) Also I see you are a fan of the pokemon series, I can't wait for Black & white to come out.
    I'll get White version, as Iris is the last gym leader there! And I choose Oshawott as my starter! :)
    Oshawott seems to be the least popular out of the new starter Pokémon though...

    What about you?!
    Oh-Hoy there Romani!
    Thanks much for joining my OoT3D group! It's appreciated! :D

    BTW, you seem to be a Pokémon fan, so am I! So, what do you think of the new 5:th generation Blach and White?! =\
    Thanks for the friend request. Looks like you're pretty new here too. I'd suggest toning down the colors here on your profile, it makes your page a little hard to read. But, welcome to the forums and be sure to read the rules!
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