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  • Hello. I'm Linknerd09! Couldn't help but admire ur profile. It's amazing! And ur avatar and profile pic album has really meat pics. I :heart: Meta Knight!
    See, there you go! :)

    Well, sadly I've only collected half of the badges so far, for I've had so much to do in school lately.
    But I'm still going forward! :D

    :D yay!we both have zebstrika!!!!!and i evolved my oshawott... any way, what gym are you on?im in black city right now.its sooo cooool there...O.o lolz
    :lol: I just copied the image address of the picture, then I clicked on "Insert Image" above, and put the image address there!
    It's really easy ones you learn how it works! :D
    Ahoy there, you are playing Pokémon Black now, aren't you?

    So I was wondering, what will your complete team look like? =\

    Here's mine, If you were curious:

    I won't evolve my Oshawott you see.
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