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  • Cuz im new here i do not have friends yet..
    and i liked the answer you give me on my question
    but i must warn you im kind of a troll :lol: ... no but seriously ..
    I've never actually trolled before, but I want to sometime. I reckon some evolutionist vs. creationist videos would be easy enough for even a n00b to troll. :)
    Assuming you're the kind of troll I think you are, I find it awfully ironic that you want world peace. :P
    Yes; the humans will never achieve world peace. You humans are a sickness who destroy everything in your path and so long as the human race lives there will only be more destruction and desolation. That is why you must be stopped.
    Indeed. I plan on using it to take over the pathetic human race and advance my race of astral entities.
    I went there when I was relatively young, and only was there for Pokemon, so I dunno what all they sell. I liked walking around New York, was fun.
    The Nintendo Store was alright the last time I went there. More Mario related if you like him. New York City is nice though.
    Oh, ur only on act 3? Ive finished the whole thing :3 And yes, I do like ponies. :D Oh, wow, those are some pretty good drawings! Gosh, I need to work on my drawing skills if I can be as good as you.. ;3 Anyway, sending you a friend request, k?
    Lol. I've been getting a lot of comments about that. Yeah, I am. I love the show. :3 And I like Nightmare Moon a lot too. Still need to see the series premiere with her, though. I've only seen her in Nightmare Night. I've been watching it out of order.
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