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  • OH! I just didn't recognize know the name! :D That's what we have here in Sweden! So I'm not that used to your AMs and PMs! :D
    Yeah, please teach me!

    1. Yeah, I did! All of the Pokémon I want in my team are in my team now! :D Did you find yours?!
    2. Oh really! Sounds interesting...

    Sure I want to be friends on YouTube! I already sent a friend request!

    Haha! That looks awesome! Will one be able to get them in some sort of event in the games or is it just some fan art?! :huh:
    Yes, that's exactly what I'm looking for, thanks. There seems to be several things connected to the event with Pamela and her mummified father, knowing that the well is full of Gibdos, this could very well be somehow connected with the fact that her father became a Gibdo ( or half Gibdo/half human ). I think that her father is researching/studying something in Ikana, which would explain why their home ( the music box house ) is placed in the middle of Ikana. Also, the scene where Pamela's father is freed and released from his mummified look seems to have a deeper meaning, somehow i believe that it is supposed to resemble that the bond between a father and it's child can never be broken, regardless of how the situation looks from an outside view. This is an interesting part of the game.
    Yes, I'm working on one in particular with Pamela/Father in Majora's Mask. I'm trying to see if i can come up with a theory about it.
    Wind Waker was my favorite game too a while back, but it varies a lot. Right now it's either Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess.

    But no, I don't know milatery time... :huh:
    Hello, Romani! I'm quite well, and yourself? I try to keep updated, but I fear I joined too late, and am already lost in the story. Not only that, my basketball interferes with my visiting each time I'm on ZD
    Yeah, it's been some time haven't it?
    But well I'm great! :D How are you?

    Your background looks awesome too! I can see Zekrom, Lugia, Reshiram, Typholosion and Lapras. But who are the other two?! Is one of them Nidoking perhaps?
    Ahoy Romani! How do you do? Have you gotten your Tepig - Ganon yet?! :lol:
    Apparently, anyone can give rep. So I've got a feeling it's a jerk or multiple jerks just messin' around or that have something against me.
    Pretty good, just some mod keeps giving me skulls for the dumbest reasons. I think one of them doesn't like me.
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