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  • Hmm... I don't know. I thnk you are probably close to getting a heart though. When I put my mouse over your heart it says you "have a bright future" before you get good reputation, it says "is an unknown commodity at this point"
    Hi! and thank you so much! yours is beast! lol
    Oh no. The SS sig was made by Blaze. This is the one i made with Mybannermaker.com. But somehow I can't show it. I'll ask BG for help.
    i will. Yesterday I went to a quincenera and the minute i entered, I wanted to leave. We left at 12am. I was really stress and cried at bit. Today I didn't hit my sister even though she thought i did. My dad yelled at me and I cried
    Haha! :lol: I'll teach you!

    Write something, then make a lot of spaces, and then write something again!

    Hi____________________________make spaces__________________________Romani!

    Hi Romani!

    Do not do like this in the treads! If you do, you might lose rep points, or even get a skull instead of your heart!
    (That's what happened to me long ago.)
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