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    My name is not reference to the Warriors books. But I do read them. (Go Firestar!!)
    Friend Bow ftw. Maybe I'll try to go through Western Cave with my Caterpie.
    Yeah I figured I'd get Sky since it's the obligatory 3rd version. Also, I know that in Japan there's a trio of PMD games for WiiWare... but as far as I know nothings been mentioned of an overseas release. :\ Think that's what you're talking about supposedly being released next month?
    I don't know yet. everyone posts to fast and theres school to think about

    (ps. I passed the taks tests)
    I have Red Rescue Team, and that's it... I haven't played the Gen IV ones actually. :( However I have played the one I have to death. I have every legendary recruited (Mew gave me the hardest time.), so many level 100s (including a Caterpie), Platinum Rank team, all the statue/figurine/whatever things, etc. And the story was awesome, heart-tugging 'til the end, and even after. I was so sad when I learned about Gengar's origins, and Gardevoir losing her memory... Typing all of this makes me ask myself why I haven't picked up any of the newer ones wtf am I doing?? Are they good?
    This is a good point. Most people are rewarded a flashback when the Song of Healing is played. All we see with Pamela's father is a short scene with the Gibdo mask falling to the floor. I think that this is supposed to resemble that the curse of the Gibdo inhabiting his body is being transformed into a mask ( Gibdo's mask ). He is then released from his horrible look ( just like Link when he was healed from being a Deku Scrub ). I'm still trying to figure out what he was doing in the middle of Ikana. Maybe he was studying the Gibdos?
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