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  • It's like you google Gimp and you click where it's says like free download Gimp. Something like that.
    My profile pic is an animation of, obviously, Toon Link doing the Hurricane Spin. I prefer to have my avatar be of Byrne, since he's AWSOME!
    I'm pretty much just going on ZD and drawing a bunch. (Besides video games of course.)
    I'm also flying to another state because my family just moved to another state. So when I fly in the plane I'm going back and seeing my friends for a little over a week.
    How many Pokémon have you trained up to Lv. 100?! :? I'm just curious.
    Must get the spiritual stone first. From the Deku tree. Next you go to Princess Zelda to give you a letter giving you permission to go to death mountain. Show it to the guard. Make sure you have the saria's song first.
    I love your Avatar Four Cap or Minish Swords
    I love you Profile pic! Four Cap or Minish Swords! :)
    The GBA Pokémon games weren't as good as the others in my opinion (but still great). But if remakes of R&S were to be released on the 3DS I would definitely go and buy the Sapphire remake, since I never got to play that one! :)
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