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    General Zelda Something You Used to Dislike Yet Have Grown to Like Now.

    The Temple of The Ocean King from Phantom Hourglass. When I first got it, I HATED it. It actually caused me to stop playing the game halfway through. Recently, I restarted the game and decided to give the temple another chance. I love it now. While it was sometimes annoying and gave me a bit of...
  2. RHhylian

    Should The Last Boss Stay Dead?

    I do like the idea of post-game content, like extra dungeons, quests and knowing about Link's further life, but I can't help but think this would kind of ruin the epic fantasy ending Zelda games usually have. You're all like: "Yeah I beat the game, I'm the Hero, I beat Ganon" and then: "Ow...
  3. RHhylian

    Favorite Zelda Cover/Remix

    What's your favorte Zelda cover or remix? I'm sure everyone has at least one favorite. It can be anything: fan made, or more official like something from the symphony of the godesses. My favorite changes all the time, but I'll give you my current favorite cover and remix. Cover...
  4. RHhylian

    What is Your Hylian Name?

    Rondel Nirü.... Maybe it's just me, but that name doesn't sound Hylian at all lol. Still a neat generator thingie though :D
  5. RHhylian

    What Are Some of Your Favorite Nicknames for Pokemon and What Pokemon Are They?

    Typhlosion: Zuko (from Avatar) Lapras: Katara (same) Flygon: Bolin (from Korra) Empoleon: Nautilus (a famous submarine) Golem: Tektite (Zelda enemy of course) Luxray: Tonner (from the French word for thunder) Emboar: Darmani (Zelda MM) Snorlax: Geoffrey (I dunno xD) Slowbro: Bruno (I still dunno...
  6. RHhylian

    Zelda Music Rocks! What's Your Favorite?

    Dang it's hard to choose ONE. I'm going tot do them by game... Zelda I: Main theme (duuh) Dungeon theme is close second Zelda II: Dungeon Theme (SO CATCHY!) aLttP: Dark World theme (epic :D) LA: Tal Tal Heights, Ballad of the wind fish is close second OoT: Either Song of Storms or Gerudo...
  7. RHhylian

    Most Underrated Pokemon

    Golem. I used one in Platinum and it was totally boss. It's only downside is it's many weaknesses. But it's a great damage dealing tank. Also, Gigalith. It's like Golem with less weaknesses, so I reallly don't het why it's underrated, but it is :(.
  8. RHhylian

    Favorite Johto Gym Leader

    Morty. He looks cool and is one of the few ghost type gym leaders. Too bad he only uses the Ghastly line....
  9. RHhylian

    Who is the Strongest and Weakest Pokemon Ever

    Strongest: Deoxys. He's an awesome DNA-alien thing. How awesome can it get? Weakest: When speaking about stats: Sunkern, when speaking about movepool: Magikarp.
  10. RHhylian

    Stupid Things You Did While Playing Pokemon.

    Running from a shiny in Pokémon Black.... Argh.... A friend of mine actually restarted his FireRed once because he couldn't find the 8th gym.
  11. RHhylian

    Spoiler Kyouhei's English Name Is..........

    Nate??? Seriously? Wow. Well, at least it's better than Hilbert...
  12. RHhylian

    Best Poke Mon Villian

    Giovanni. Stereotypical Italian mafia leaders for the win!!!!! xD
  13. RHhylian

    Did You Like the Poketch?

    No, I didn't really like it. While some of the apps were convenient, most of them felt unnecessary and/or stupid. The Pokètch was overall kinda 'meh' for me.
  14. RHhylian

    Staff Needed: Pokémon Dungeon Pokédex

    Ok this is quite awesome and stuff, and maybe i'll volunteer, but I wonder: what point does it have making our own pokédex if we're going to copy everything from Bulbapedia? I don't want to be rude, but it seems kinda pointless to me then...
  15. RHhylian

    If You Were a Gym Leader, What Would Be Your Specialty?

    Hm probably Water, Electric or Psychic. My 3 fav types.
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