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  • Hey there Reyh!:wave: I don't know you on the forums but I noticed it was your birthday.^^ So........

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:clap::clap::clap::clap:
    I went to photobucket and searched Midna. It was on on search result page three if you want to see the full pic. I also have it in my albums. The original doesn't have the text on it though. I edited that part in GIMP. Thanks for the compliment! ;) :D
    :O I'm always posting on the forums! I hope my posts havent been deleted!
    Ah, that's okay then. I was just worried, some people are offended by recieving friend requests. (But in saying that, no one has ever complained to me...)
    Oh! You're welcome. I sent you it because everyone needs a friend on the forums ;)
    I was just trying to be nice, I hope I didn't offend you or anything.
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