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    Link is Dead in MM and the Shiekah are there too

    Hey guys. I've also posted this on ZU, but I am (despite my infrequent use of the forums haha) a bit more of a ZDer personally, so I'd love to get your guys' thoughts on this. Thanks! Today I'll be vouching for two theories I've always hated. One is that Link is Dead in Majora's Mask, which as...
  2. ReveredPartisan

    Your favourite overworld

    All in favor of disqualifying BotW? The game is in essence literally an overworld. Anyway, other than BotW, probably... I don't honestly know. A cross between WW's for the atmosphere and TP's, for the reasons above.
  3. ReveredPartisan

    "10,000 years"

    I'm pretty confused-- honestly, dumbfounded-- as to the belief that the 10,000 years separating the creation of the guardians and the events of BotW occurs directly between BotW and the preceding game on the timeline (whichever timeline that may be). As though somehow the events of-- humor...
  4. ReveredPartisan

    Where BoTW Fits

    I'm pretty sure the 10,000 years is referring to the events of pre-SS. A single kingdom-- Hyrule-- can't sustain itself for 10,000 years-- that's twice exceeding the approximate age of human civilization.
  5. ReveredPartisan

    Where BoTW Fits

    A pre-WW split in which the Calamity in BotW is the backstory of WW is an impossibility, because we have two separate kings, Daphnes in WW and Rhoam in BotW. I suppose it's possible, actually, that they are in fact alternate versions of the same character, and that the split occurs at his...
  6. ReveredPartisan

    Is this evidence of a timeline spot?

    I think they just regularly include the names of those regions now in the main games. Kind of a hint at continuity.
  7. ReveredPartisan

    Hebra and Necluda

    Anyone see these provinces on the map? Along with Central Hyrule and the typicals (Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru). Hebra is in the northwest and Necluda in the Northeast. What could they be? Snowpeak? Desert? Some place entirely new? EDIT: My mistake. Necluda is in the SE, and in its place is...
  8. ReveredPartisan

    When Are You Making the Switch?

    I wasn't going to buy it... I still don't really want to buy it... but I've waited for Breath of the Wild for five years, and if I have to pay $400 just to play tiat its best... Firstly, **** nintendo... Secondly, I absolutely will do that. Call me a sucker. Go ahead, do it.
  9. ReveredPartisan

    The Six Sages

    We saw in this most recent trailer that Link seems to be collecting allies of multiple ethnicities in his quest, and even adventuring with them. This isn't anything new necessarily-- one of the major themes of the series is bringing various races and nations together through selflesness and...
  10. ReveredPartisan

    That Trailer Though

    Brutal, epic, savage, elaborate, Gorons and Gerudo and the Zoras were so savvy, and hell the soundtrack mother of christ. This just raised the bar tenfold. So beautiful. And that shot of Link dashing along the shoreline? And Zelda seems like such a fascinating character this time around...
  11. ReveredPartisan

    Breath of the Wild: Pics Until Release Thread

    A lot of different cultural influences here-- somewhat Asian, European, maybe Aztec-- but mostly I get a "cowboys and Indians" vibe from him. Fits the "wild" theme. I think his hat and garment imply he's some sort of chieftain. Or at least that his society (whether a village or an an entire...
  12. ReveredPartisan

    Twilight Princess vs. Skyward Sword

    Graphics- TP SS had obviously the greater quality-- there's no dispute there- but I prefer TP's artstyle. Not even simply its art style, its look, too-- its aesthetic. It seems to me so much greater thought was put into the arrangement of space, the lighting, the colors, the scenery, in that...
  13. ReveredPartisan

    Beyond the Boundaries...

    Like mad. All the wooded areas in OoT, the hills and mountains of Hyrule Field in TP, as well as the hills in Ordon. All throughout Gerudo Desert. Actually, TP has a ton of great vistas that drive me insane wanting to traverse their landscapes. I noticed this the other day, actually. A close...
  14. ReveredPartisan

    A brave warrior who only fights for himself

    I'm imagining a gambler-- he only wants to maximize risk when he'll reap a benefit. It's not that he's too cowardly to act for the sake of others, it's that he's simply thinking logically, matching risk to reward. Not a bad idea, but it's been done before.
  15. ReveredPartisan

    Return of Bulblins?

    Any chance we'll see the return of Bulblins in Hyrule? Definitely my favorite of the 'blins-- they're by far the most intelligent of the genus, speaking human languages and forming their own (however primitive) societies, and their rugged, "tuskan raider" aesthetic is cool af. Thoughts? How...
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