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    Your favourite Zelda timeline

    Thanks. In another time and place I did a number of threads and articles concerning this matter because it just never made sense for the FS=MS. Seemed to defeat the purpose of 'four swords' concept even from a game-play standard. In this thread I am going to try and be as stoic as possible...
  2. Retro Ganon

    Evolution in Hyrule

    lol Yeah they are rare. But now I think we have an equal ratio between good and evil from which we've seen in the series thus far. When I get time I'll probably look more into it myself. Well, maybe their should be a difference between the natural 'terrain enemies' and baddies that are in...
  3. Retro Ganon

    Evolution in Hyrule

    That's most likely the more plausible reason, good point. And yes, I do remember Valoo giving the Rito cases of Red Bull. I wonder if Valoo's role in their evolution has anything to do with the powers of the three guardian dragons in SS - Faron's powers being inherited towards evolving the Zora...
  4. Retro Ganon

    Evolution in Hyrule

    Can you list the evidence for the Zora -> Rito evolution? I always wondered why the Zora even had to evolve, when they should have been the ones to benefit from the Great Food. Jabune certainly did. On the idea of 'magic' facilitating evolution, I think its plausible in most cases concerning...
  5. Retro Ganon

    The Theory of Time: Why People Are Right to Question the Timeline

    You care to some extent to disregard HH so brashly. Zelda Theorizing bothers you for the mere fact that the release of the Zelda Timeline was fanservice to a sector of the fan-base. Why? Well... I won't argue this from a literal-legends standpoint. But the fact remains that there was just...
  6. Retro Ganon

    Future Zelda games took inspiration from the cartoon?

    Yeah, I always liked the hat idea for carrying items. I almost thought Nintendo was going to humor it when TMC was an upcoming game, but eh... Although, technically Link shrinking physically also included items being carried... Outside of the original LoZ, I don't think the 'underworld' is...
  7. Retro Ganon

    Skyward Sword - Impa and time travel

    Nah, I was meaning in terms of the zeldaverse. Although I think Nintendo was trying harder not to contradict themselves with time travel in SS, but that's just IMO.
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    Why Aren't Temples Places For Worship?

    This isn't entirely true. According to SS, the region of the Gerudo Dessert was the location of the original Temple of Time and thus under direct jurisdiction of the Goddess Hylia herself. The Colossus is most likely the last structural evidence of her presence by the time of OoT and TP era. We...
  9. Retro Ganon

    The Existence of a Fourth Goddess

    This is a very old argument. A lot of people here have given it good thought, here is my two cents. I think the whole fourth goddess and tetra-force concept was recognized by Nintendo through introducing Hylia in SS. I would even go so far as to say the Desert Colossus and Arbiter's Grounds...
  10. Retro Ganon

    Spoiler The Many Timelines of Majora's Mask

    The merging timeline business is inconsistent with how time travel works within the zeldaverse, I kinda agree with what Shironagi said. There is an inconsistency with MM equipment being retained, or not, once Link travels back in time. He loses some items, but not others. I always deducted that...
  11. Retro Ganon

    Future Zelda games took inspiration from the cartoon?

    I know a lot of people are going to hate me because of this comment, but I hope Nintendo recognizes the old cartoons and CD-I titles (if only by parody alone). I'm not necessarily saying they ought to remake the games... but HH should have noted them nonetheless. Zelda played a big part of my...
  12. Retro Ganon

    Mikau's Death

    In the past I've gone through the entire MM text dumps trying to find helpful clues that go beyond the Garo transgressions against the Ikana Kingdom, but came to no avail. The skull kids involvement with Termina's past may be skewed however. If you recall Anju's grandmother telling the story of...
  13. Retro Ganon

    Mikau's Death

    This is true based on what Evan says to Link's guise as Mikau. Evan: Mikau! How was it? Did you get the eggs back? Oh... you couldn't do it, after all. Have you been to see Lulu out in back by the ocean? Ever since the pirates stole her eggs, she's just been standing out there gazing at the...
  14. Retro Ganon

    Question Regarding the Process of Sealing the "Hero of Time" in Ocarina of Time.

    I think this video does a good job explaining what went down. :P
  15. Retro Ganon

    Cult of Demise (Illuminati confirmed!)

    I use to play with the idea of a cult which rooted far back before OoT's debut of Ganondorf history - even before SS confirmed Demises role behind his continual resurrection. Aghanim: Ahah... Link! I have been waiting for you! Heh heh heh... I was hoping I could make Zelda vanish in front of...
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