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    The Lomei Labyrinths

    It's hard for me to think of climbing as cheating, because the mazes are designed in a way in which they expect you to try that. The entrances to the shrines are hidden very well, and if you don't explore the maze thoroughly, you miss out on loot. In some areas you HAVE to climb to get all the...
  2. Polychrome

    Spoilers!!! A Certain Mission Within the Realm of A Certain Clan

    I love the banana dance. XD And for some reason I run into a lot of these guys in areas where those bananas grow, but maybe it's just me?
  3. Polychrome

    Is the Master Sword good for anything?

    Guardians. 'nuff said. It'll have higher durability (or "energy") around specific types of enemies. Including guardians.
  4. Polychrome

    Getting ready to storm the castle! What one item should I have a lot of?!

    Let's just say Ganon has a new fashion statement...
  5. Polychrome

    Getting ready to storm the castle! What one item should I have a lot of?!

    Shields. Definitely Shields. Especially if you're like me and bad at deflecting guardian beams. I didn't have the cash for an ancient shield because I'd just paid off the 10k great fairy of greed, so I went in with a bunch of knight shields, only managed to deflect a couple beams, had ganon to a...
  6. Polychrome

    Malon, Marin... Paya?

    I'm gonna say probably not in this case. I'm not sure how far you've gotten, but.... I usually consider myself a "Zelink Skeptic" for the reasons you already gave... rarely do Link and Zelda actually get together. But on this particular case I think the game is pushing that way. Not...
  7. Polychrome

    Koroks featured = no Zoras (plus other races)?

    Personally, I'm suspecting "child" timeline, Koroks and all, as I really don't think they'd "unsink" the world from Wind Waker. (This was my biggest protest in the days where people were still arguing single vs. split. Single or split, I could NEVER see Nintendo unsinking Hyrule, as the whole...
  8. Polychrome

    Boss vs breakable weapons question

    I have a feeling they've already thought all this through. Like, for example, bombs and other items run by the Sheikah Slate are unlimited. Dungeons are littered with random weapons. Some weapons are better about durability than others, and I suspect there is some crafting/upgrading available...
  9. Polychrome

    Hyrule Warriors Master Quest Map Difficulty HWL (3DS)

    I will admit to not having all my characters up that high for the master quest map. (I'm almost done with the Termina map and some of my characters are still in the 50s and I have all the weapons/costumes up until now...) It really depends on how you use the characters' movesets. You can get...
  10. Polychrome

    Hyrule Warriors Reclaiming Bases in HWL

    Something I like to do is if I see my base or the "allied" commander getting inundated with monsters, is I'll let off a fairy nuke around them. (Make sure the fairy is leveled up and they will either heal over time, debuff enemies, or damage over time within a large area of effect.) This is a...
  11. Polychrome

    TPHD-Wii U Was TP HD in need for a remake for the wii u?

    Needed? No. Very much desired? Definitely.
  12. Polychrome

    Miyamoto does not want to tell us if Links usual green garb will return in BotW

    I suspect that like the master sword, it's a story item. I get the feeling this Link has already challenged Ganon and lost, which is the reason behind his "sleep". He was put into stasis to heal, but somehow forgotten after Ganon was sealed. So eventually you'll find the green outfit, but it'll...
  13. Polychrome

    Goodbye Empty Bottle?

    Hey, you never know, you might still be able to throw bees at things.
  14. Polychrome

    Goodbye Empty Bottle?

    But what will we stuff fairies into? :( Nah, I'm cool with this. Previous games have experimented with getting rid of this mechanic, so it was only a matter of time.
  15. Polychrome

    Which way will you jump?

    Yeah, I admit it. Saw this on GameFAQs and thought I'd ask here. Assuming the story doesn't point you in a specific direction, which way will you jump off the plateau? Personally I'm thinking south... if there's Koroks around I'm curious what's happened to all those forest areas down there.
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