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  • Like? My friends have xboxs so i could connect with them if i got one... I dont think im going to get either one though :P Not for a long time anyways
    OMYGOSH!! I know :( I have been soooooo busy and when I was on the computer I was on this site called Roblox playing with my friend as I was new to it and a game on there was SUPER addicting, but very time consuming.. He was over most of the summer, almost like a brother :P so we all played as a team on the game :D I want to get an Xbox though.. I've heard it is better than PS3, I have not played PS3 but I heard it was not as good :P just not as much money. To finish this super long note: How're you?
    I started my summer two days ago, and I ACTUALLY HAVE THAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surprising isn't it, I finally have one of the games you talk about ;)
    I can't read a single bit of Japanese so I'm completely lost. It's my first game from Japan, otherwise I always wait for the US release.
    Why have you been the only one? Other people stopped too? I stopped because my life off the computer had been so hectic and busy, and on easier days I was normally drawing or reading etc. I enjoy your company though :P When do you get your summer break?
    Yeah, my eyes are grayish.. kind of gray-blue, sometimes they look really blue, other times they look gray :P Anyways hows it been going, I haven't been on here consistantly recently so..
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