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    Skyward Sword HD Discussion

    I think it easily beats TP and maybe WW. TP drags to get started and even tho SS does have a slow start it’s a more fun warm up than TPs was. WW has a shorter starter than either but it’s a short game and it’s dungeons are lacking. Maybe I’d say WW and SS are equal.
  2. PoeFacedKilla

    Skyward Sword HD Discussion

    I’ve been playing with both control types as I switch between the living room tv when I’m cooking and handheld mode at night. I will say I prefer the motion controls for sword fighting but prefer the joystick for things like walking on the rope, flying and using the beetle. The joystick for...
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    What would BOTW be like if they dumbed it down to this level? (discussion/mechanics)

    Navi, Tatl, King of Red Lions/Tetra, Midna, Fi - they’re all pretty annoying
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    What Zelda Game Have You Replayed the Most?

    Definitely Wind Waker. When I was a teenager I used to beat that game every week for a year after it came out (sometimes I’d beat it in a day.) Ocarina of Time is a close second I replay it every year and played it a lot before Wind Waker came out; then again in the time period after my GB...
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    What Are You Doing In BOTW?

    Finally picked it back up for my second play through. I actually started it last year when COVID struck and I got to through the Rito dungeon but didn’t do much other than that. The last week I’ve made some progress though gotten myself up to ten hearts, beat the Zora dungeon, finished filling...
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    Most nostalgic cartoon show?

    Home Movies. Its not an action show or anything and it was in the first wave of “adult focused” shows like King of the Hill, Futurama and Family Guy. It’s not particular edgy or too adult (which is why I can still stand to watch it unlike Family Guy) but something about it reminds of me being...
  7. PoeFacedKilla

    Skyward Sword HD Discussion

    I’m excited, I think the last time I played was 2014. I normally play through them all every two years (play through WW and OoT every year) and I’ll be glad to add this to the bi-annual replay. If memory serves the imprisoned is too frustrating to be an annual thing though.
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    Botw2 name ideas

    Skies of Time or Winds of Demise
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    Skyward Sword HD Discussion

    I consider this a personal attack because you’re 100% right. I preordered Skyward Sword and will buy pretty much any Zelda or main Mario game Nintendo releases (I bought both Mario 3D all-stars and the Mario 3D World/Bowsers Fury) simply because I remember being 5 years old playing ALTTP and...
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    Zelda 35th anniversary

    If I were in charge of Nintendo I’d likely bankrupt the company by doing nothing but fan service: don’t blame me
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    Zelda 35th anniversary

    Plus a DLC. What I’m getting is that Nintendo is releasing stuff: you just aren’t happy with it. That’s fine, but pretending they aren’t releasing anything is incorrect. I also love SS and am looking forward to playing it next month. The entitlement of the Zelda community about this...
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    Zelda 35th anniversary

    Skyward Sword HD, a DLC, A Game and Watch with 3 games and finally gameplay from BOTW2. That’s more than “just a game and watch.”
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    2020 U.S. Presidential Election Thread

    Why are you debating this still Biden won y’al. The court cases are being thrown out and even if they weren’t Biden’s victory is assured as recounts have never moved the clock that far in the opposite direction and it would need to be in a handful of states. As the judge in PA said Trump and...
  14. PoeFacedKilla

    2020 U.S. Presidential Election Thread

    He didn’t contradict himself he said he wants to help the transition and that non-renewables are here to stay for a while. The two aren’t mutually exclusive in any way.
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    How old are you?

    I’m A Link to the Past years old Username checks out
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