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  • Aww, sorry dude. It's getting released all over the world earlier...
    To set your profile background, go to customize my profile on the top right of your profile page and input the image url you wish to have as your page background.
    YES!!! Also, how did you get to my profile page? Did you just randomly go on it. "Please sir, may I have some more [answers]"
    Ocarina of Time, then restart on Twilight Princess.

    I don't recall how, but you can ask just about anybody who does have a picture for their background.
    Hi there Pixel :)

    Hylian Knights are distinguished members of the community that serve as role models to members. They're there to help people out, and serve as ambassadors for good posting among other things.

    Thanks for the question~ Anything else you need to know?
    Twilight Princess. Majora's Mask was my first game, but TP revitalized my interest in the Zelda series.
    Well, It must be TP. My first actual Zelda game.
    If I haven't buyed TP I will only have known Link as a Super Smash Bros. Character.
    You don't have to worry about that; mine is almost twice as large and it still hasn't wrongly affected anything. Good thing for you to ask, though.
    A 2D Wallmaster? I love it...although those things gave me the creeps when I was younger. :xd:
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