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  • Sorry for the late reply, I was watching Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2. But Sure make me one
    I actually like Midna. Fi just seems too bland. I like how she tells you the success probability in the area you're in based on the items you're carrying.
    Blahhhhhhhhhh I still need to wait an hour for my parents to get home...
    Then carry an extra shield, I guess... What I'd do once I get it is just buy the shield just in case I really need it but not use it as much. Dodge instead. Plus, a shield looks cool. Without the shield, Link's left arm looks too empty.

    On a separate note, how's the currency distribution in SS? Is it like you have too much money all the time, or is it you always need to grind to get enough rupees to buy something? Or is it just perfect?
    I'd get the shield on the first playthrough, then not get it if I'm doing a challenge playthrough
    I've heard you can't auto-lock the slingshot with Z-targeting. How's that working out?
    Still writing that essay... I'm also waiting for my parents to get home so we can go to BestBuy and get my preorder. (apparently, when I looked at the SS stock in the website, they're all sold out the non-preorder copies.)
    It didn't fit into the Zelda series how so? Lemme: guess it's TOO different. Well, here's some food for thought: it's the SECOND game, so any change could have been put into the game. It could have been terrible! Most bashers on bash because they played other games before SS, so they go off to say, "How can this be a Zelda game?!"

    Really, I challenge you to play the game. Use a walkthrough, if you must.
    You have to play the whole game, or at least a lot of it. Bashing it based off a mere crumb of the game isn't right.
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