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    Easter Eggs in Skyward Sword

    Not sure if some of these are already mentioned (probably are, I scrolled through the topic to avoid mentioning same ones! But yeah, sorry if I'm repeating something) - In the Sealed Ground, the ritual Ghirahim performs on Zelda is extremely similar to the ritual performed by Agahnim to the...
  2. PiBox

    Did Skyward Sword Become Your New Favorite Zelda?

    When I first started playing Skyward Sword I thought that the beginning was a bit too slow (understandable, considering new controls and everything, also it built up the story and relations between characters nicely) and I was afraid I'd been overhyped. But the more I played it the mroe I loved...
  3. PiBox

    Is Fi the New Navi?

    Fi wasn't annoying at all. Being completely devoid of any personality (having the emotional scale of a robot) was the best possible characterisation for a sidekick who's basically a sword. Swords aren't sentient and Fi was the spirit of Master Sword, thus she didn't have any feelings. She was...
  4. PiBox

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I am currently playing Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, my interest in SRPGs apparently has returned. Though I have to admit that it's pretty nice change for otherwise pretty action/adventure-filled gaming lately. Thanks to renewed interest in Fire Emblem I'm probably going to end up replaying...
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    Spoiler Do You Think They Went a Little Bit Too Far?

    No way, they were awesome. Stressful, yes. Freaky, sure. Heartbeat went to whole new levels, why indeed. But Silent Realms really livened up the game, it had been pretty peaceful. Though I never had problems with time either. It was more like...getting caught by a Watcher or accidentally...
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    Revelations is one of the best ACs. First of all: it tied loose ends, created some new questions but answered few of the biggest ones (exactly what happened to Altaïr? What about Subject 16?) while leaving something open. It was more meaningful - story-wise - to Assassin's Creed universe...
  7. PiBox

    Spoiler Favourite SS Character?

    SS Link and Zelda managed to end up being my fav Link and Zelda ever, they were just...charming and interesting! But other than that Groose, he's just so awesome. Best minor character ever, I think that pretty much only proper word to describe him would be "bro". Yeah, he seemed a bit full of...
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    Stop Spoiling..

    This is pretty much the reason why I've been disappearing from Zelda sites - to avoid spoilers, because just casually scrolling any site related to Zelda is pretty risky. Honestly though, it's pretty impossible to have a decent conversation without spoilers when everyone's playing the game at...
  9. PiBox

    Spoiler Impressions of the Game

    I've only played it to the second temple, but so far I'm loving it! It's absolutely beautiful, though I'm a bit disappointed that I cannot Z-target while aiming at enemies. Don't know why they took that out. I love the music, atmosphere and while new controls took some getting used to the...
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    All Nighters. DDDDDDDD:<

    My exam week starts next Tuesday and...well, let's just say there'll be all-nighters. I have to study, finish some unfinished projects/possibly write an essay and do rest of my math "exercises" (about...50 more to go). And most likely I'll fit in some more Skyward Sword and ACR, their release...
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    Why Does Everyone Hate COD

    I don't have an opinion on COD itself. I agree that it seems overrated, but on the other hand the same could be said about several games that have large fandoms. Seriously, every single huge fandom has its share of loud and obnoxious fans. And I don't think that COD fans are the worst of them...
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    Does Anyone Here Speak More Than One Language?

    I speak two languages fluently and I'm currently studying two. My native is Finnish and naturally it's the one I'm most fluent in. I also (like to) think I speak and write pretty good English. Though I get far too little practice with the speaking part! The two languages I'm studying and...
  13. PiBox

    Modernization in Zelda

    These games mix up medieval setting with some modern elements. I think that in a universe where magic is possible development could never properly correlate with the development of the real world. Like you mentioned, steamboats before trains. But we can see the effects of modernization...
  14. PiBox

    What is Your Favorite TV Show?

    Big Bang Theory, House, FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood and lately, the Borgias. Big Bang Theory, what's not to like? I love the setting, the humor and Wolowitz's beltbuckles. House, really only the first five seasons, six in moderation. Seven was an abomination and I think I'll end up...
  15. PiBox

    What is Your Favorite Moment from a Zelda Game?

    Nostalgia's the strongest factor for this, but I'll have to pick OoT's ending. OoT was first Zelda I played through on my own and being so little back then made this ending special. But when it comes to epic/amazing/funny moments Zelda has several, it'd be hard to choose just one.
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